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Project Expertise

Create Business Case
I work closely with client organizations in order to build strong business cases for strategic initiatives. This includes significant time up front gathering support for the initiatives - aligning them not only to the organization's long term strategic goals but also to enable divisions/business units and departments to meet their goals and address their challenges. This is often focused on looking at the project from a change management perspective.
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Align Deliverables with Strategic Business Objectives
I work closely with executives to ensure that the deliverables of the project are aligned to the strategic long-term objectives of the organization. This starts with ensuring that the projects selected are aligned with the strategy of the organization. Then, through various stakeholder meetings as well as working closely with the sponsor, we ensure that the project is further positioned to achieve the strategy through ensuring the project objectives and deliverables are the right ones.
Present Business Case
In presenting my business case to key stakeholders for approval, I ensure I present data that specifically meets the needs of the audience. In this way, I meet their expectations and am better able to get what I need to move forward with the project.
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Prepare for Business Case Presentation
An effective business case presentation is tailored to the needs of the audience to whom you are presenting. Determine what they need to know to get approval to move forward with your project. With an executive level audience, a focus on bottom line results and the potential ROI of the project is a good start!
Present Business Case for Project Approval and Funding
I work diligently beforehand to ensure that it is clear how the project will meet the organization's long-term strategy, as well as map how the project will enable divisions/business units or departments to solve problems or achieve their goals. Ensuring that there is alignment of the project to the strategy enables for making the case for approval to move forward.
Define Project
Spending time on "defining" the project enables for a better, more comprehensive project plan overall. I have found that spending time here - in collaboration with the sponsor, key stakeholders and project team members - enables for better conversations around the project and less changes overall.
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Determine Project Objectives
I spend significant time with key stakeholders and the sponsor to ensure I capture the objectives of the project. This includes ensuring understanding of and alignment to long-term strategic initiatives.
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Select Project Approach
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Assess Project Risks
Time spent up front in identifying as many of the risks as possible, prioritizing them and determining which need a plan of action developed sooner, rather than later, has enabled for smoother projects overall. No one panics when problem arises, we have likely planned for it ahead of time!
Make Project Plan
I develop the project plan in collaboration with key stakeholders and the project team. This increases ownership (project team) as well as buy-in and support (stakeholders.) Both the project team and stakeholders are more committed to the project when they have had input into developing the plan.
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Define Work Breakdown Structure
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Estimate Effort
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Obtain Project Plan Approval
My ability to build strong relationships and therefore establish trust, as well as ensure involvement in the project plan, enables for me to obtain cross-functional support of project plans.
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Publicize Project
Publicizing - or socializing - the project is absolutely essential to the overall success of the initiative. To that end, I work with clients to design a variety of methods and channels in order to publicize/socialize the project throughout the organization. For impactful, strategic initiatives, more time may spent socializing the project before it is actually launched.
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Equip Project
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Train Project Team
I have found that - when planned well early on - it is possible to provide learning opportunities for team members on the team. This is done through partnering them up with other team members, providing them the opportunity to work on components of the project that enables for increased visibility or to build skills and knowledge and otherwise enable them to continue to grow personally and professionally.
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Assign Project Tasks
When assigning project tasks to team members, I focus on ensuring I use the strengths of my team as well as enabling for them to continue to develop new skills and build their knowledge.
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Resolve Resource Conflicts
By getting to know individuals with whom I'll be working, I have a better understanding of skills and capabilities and expertise. Ensuring that team members can contribute in the best way enables for better managing of limited resources. When conflicts arise, I work closely with those with whom there is a conflict (e.g., another project manager) to working through prioritization the projects and the resource needs. Conversation and coming to the table with potential win-win solutions enables for better resolution of resource conflicts.
Motivate Project Participants
I am often brought on to strategic, complex projects early on in order to help project managers to engage and motivate the project team as well as key stakeholders. This is especially the case in virtual teams. Through a variety of activities, team members and key stakeholders get to know each other, learn about the project and understand how they can contribute - which increases engagement.
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Promote Individual Development
When planned well early on in the project, I have been able to provide team members with opportunities to expand their skills and knowledge while working on the project. This is done through partnering up team members, enabling for time to learn new skills and through job shadowing on the team.
Create Incentives for Teamwork
While I want to reward the individual team member for great work and acknowledge extraordinary efforts, I also focused on rewarding and acknowledging those who contribute to the team as a whole. This may include gift certificates, a public announcement of the extra efforts of the team and enabling the team to share at a leadership meeting how they solved a problem on the project. Incentives for teamwork have been in the form of gift certificates, a team dinner and through other means.
Track Project Progress
Through developing and nurturing strong working relationships with clients, I am able to more effectively manage against the project plan. It is easier to keep others on track to complete project objectives when you have established trust with them.
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Revise Project Plan
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Prepare Completion Report
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Identify Lessons Learned
Lessons learned are best captured throughout the project initiative. I frequently work with project teams to schedule lessons learned updates as a regular part of team meetings; compile them as we go and then review and share additional lessons learned at the end in a final meeting with all stakeholders.
Turn Over Results
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Release Project Resources
Prior to releasing the project resources, be sure you celebrate the successes of the project!
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