Create Business Case
I am involved in building project portfolios.
I start from the organization strategy to identify what projects and program will make this strategy realized. The priority is to get quick result in order to get cash flow to fund future projects. Creating business cases is a key to the success of strategy execution.
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Define Project
I was asked as a consultant to put several projects on track.
It was for Veolia Water. We had won one of the biggest worldwide contracts in water production and distribution. We had a short period of time to make the organizational changes that would allow to comply with the new contract conditions. We didn't have enough senior project managers. I was assigned at strating projects to make things easy for junior project managers.
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Make Project Plan
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Publicize Project
I am involved in projects that have major impacts on organizations.
I know that I cannot impose the changes I want to people I don't know (I work as a consultant). So I involve stakeholders from the start in order to build a solution collectively. By empowering people, I have little change resistance issues.
Motivate Project Participants
Here is how I empower people in projects. I try to give them clear objectives and guidelines and I trust them to find solutions. I try to stray out of people's way. Of course, I need freedom myself to select the team that will support my approach. If only half of team member works, others will disengage quickly.
Track Project Progress
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Revise Project Plan
I work on complex projects.
When I start, I know little about the environment. I make assumptions. When I move on in the project, I understand that things I do are a little different from what I expected. I need to adapt my plan to the new information that I have. Managing changes to the project is a key success factor in complex or uncertain environments.
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