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  • Justify Project
    For almost 15 years, I played different roles as project manager, sponsor and PMO manager. I developed a portfolio management step by step methodology to improve business cases and feasibility studies which resulted in more successful projects.
    Present Business Case
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    Plan Project
    Besides being a project management practitioner and consultant, I am a professor. I believe that we have to combine different methodologies, tools and techniques to address current project management challenges. Some people say they don't have time to plan. I always make up time to plan. Planning is the basis of project execution. I've been involved in large engineering projects and mega infrastructure projects, including Airspace and Defense programs, where planning is crucial. I am really proud of being responsible for project plans with thousands of pages. And I am sure that they gave me and my team an edge during execution.
    Make Project Plan
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    Activate Project
    I managed large and small teams. Great projects lie on great people. I am a firm believer that you must invest proper time to acquire and develop your project team. I learned many tools and techniques, I studied leadership, communications and stakeholder management. All the effort was worth it. If you care about your team, they will care.
    Publicize Project
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    Control Project
    Project controls are tricky. On one hand, you must set up proper performance indicators. On the other hand, monitoring is time consuming. I learned how to balance planning, executing, monitoring and controlling in my projects. Too much control and you loose flexibility. Lack of control and you have chaos. I created a framework of general KPIs to address each project management area. Now it is far more easy for me to be on top of everything related to my projects.
    Motivate Project Participants
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    Track Project Progress
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    Revise Project Plan
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    End Project
    When I started my career, I witnessed more project "abandonment" than formal closing. I couldn't agree with that. When I became a project manager, I started to diligently close my projects. I always conduct lessons learned sessions. It is not only about learning from experience. Lessons learned is the final piece in team building. Another very important topic is the final acceptance. I developed checklists to help me with that. Last, but not least, always take care of your contracts. I saw colleagues struggling with legal battles regarding contracts that were not closed properly. Procurement is a very serious issue. Finally, always remember to archive project documents and records. Your project might be audited.
    Prepare Completion Report
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