Identify Training Needs
I understand that the basics of project management are the same for all industries, but the the pain-points are often different and specific. Training must explain the first but also address the second. With experience in a variety of industries, I think that I got a clear understanding of the methods to identify these pain-points and recommend help to my customers and students.
Identify Training Options
Project management training must be further developed. For the future, trainers have to promote:
- Distrust against "Best practices"
- Situational approaches to managing projects
- Strategic alignment and design-to-value concepts.
- Mastering complex supply-contract networks in projects.
Schedule Training
A training calendar for a trainer is a surprisingly complex thing. After over 20 years in the profession, I am almost mastering this task as well as I wish to.
Obtain Training
I am a learner as much as I am a trainer.