Align Deliverables with Strategic Business Objectives
Agile practitioners believes and strive for Business Value Delivery. It is difficult to understand and even harder how to plan your projects switching to this approach.
Document Business Case
I've been working on several IT projects struggling with strategic decisions to keep technology as an enabler and not as the goal. Keep the strategy understandable for the project team and through the time during the different project stages is crucial to deliver value effectively and efficiently.
Select Project Approach
As traditional project manager and early adopter of agile approaches I deeply understand when and where use agile practices and, also when not to try agile just because of the hype.
Develop Budget
All projects are about value delivery to business. It also causes a cost, so every real project manager or program manager deeply understands how to build a budget.
Set Expectations
Agile is misunderstood as fast and cheap. Set expectations is key to guarantee proper project support and keep the engage through all the project, no matter how long it is meant to be.
Promote Individual Development
Motivated teams get better projects and probably better results.
Monitor Performance
Agile practices are deeply linked to performance metrics. If you want to success is not only about the mood or the perceptions, it is also about the metrics.
Acknowledge Performance
Performance data is the base of accountability. At least from my perspective.
Diagnose Situation
Good leaders know when things are good or bad. They have this kind of sense of what are the next steps and foresee the possible scenarios. Not sure if I'm lucky or good but it is something I really believe happens to me.