Scope Management   65
Leadership   53
Strategy   52

Project Expertise

Align Deliverables with Strategic Business Objectives
I have assisted companies in translating strategy into business outcomes/KPIs, capabilities and initiatives, providing through alignment to business strategy. I have written significant content on this topic and presented this at PMI events.
Quantify Financial and Organizational Benefits
I provide assistance for quantification of benefits for both, transformational and operational. For transformational, it is based on the contribution of each initiative to benefits calculated at the business outcome/kpi level.
For operational initiatives, it is based on standards which, as much as possible, use the same KPIs, to ensure consistency.
Determine Key Risk Factors and Failure Indicators
Risk is assessed for both delivery and benefit risk. As the business case is usually done before the project gets approved, there is no risk log yet, so the assessment is based on a RBS, as sources of risk.
Develop Project Assumptions
I assist customers in documenting assumptions for both investment and benefits, so estimates can be assessed, adjusted and verified.
Present Business Case for Project Approval and Funding
Strong in the implementation of Stage-Gate System, which provides a framework for presentation and approval of the business case. I have implemented Stage-Gate systems in several organizations, adjusting them to provide flexibility by type of investment and approach to delivery: predictive/agile.
Define Project
I have assisted PMs and PgMs in defining project/program strategy, which uses all the information in the process but takes it one step forward, to define the best way to use the resources, funding, constraints, etc; to deliver the project successfully
Make Project Plan
Very strong planner: taught and trained PMs in project planning and scheduling tools. Also strong in planning for agile.
Train Project Team
Trainer, coach and instructor, provide emphasis on getting the team up to speed with the PM process, using a weekly cycle that ensures the flow of information.
Assign Project Tasks
The weekly cycle is used to assign and revise task assignments, and to report actual progress at the end of the week, which feeds the adjustment of the schedule.
Motivate Project Participants
I have obtained high levels of engagement in all the teams I have lead, by truly delegating decision making as much as possible, to build a self managed team.
Track Project Progress
Particularly meticulous in tracking the project schedule, using the actuals that come from the weekly cycle, and making adjustments with the team, to ensure key milestones are still on track.