Risk Management   73

Project Expertise

Justify Project
I've lived this activity at several companies and teach it at the post-graduate level
Create Business Case
As a Division GM and Officer of a public company, I've been intimately involved in all these activities
Align Deliverables with Strategic Business Objectives
I've done this as a Division GM at a public company
Quantify Financial and Organizational Benefits
As an officer of a public company I have had to perform this task many times
Plan Project
I have had numerous experiences in all these activities throughout my career. I also teach this at the post-graduate level, and include this in my book.
Control Project
I have decades of experience in all these activities
End Project
I'm a huge advocate about learning from our mistakes or misfortunes. I've conducted many postmortems, have developed a very good survey tool to facilitate this process and cover the subject in my book.