Estimate Capital and Operational Costs
Cost Preparation from Initial stage of the Project to Completion with the use of Microsoft Excel and through Candy Construction Software.
Determine Project Objectives
I have experience in determine project objective as it does in the tender process for the construction of different project. Through my involvement I always used to identify and determine project objectives before tendering.
Assess Project Risks
I am good in assessing project risks through quantification of the materials, labour and plant to be used for the project. I can also be able to identify all risks in the contract.
Estimate Effort
I have a good understanding and awareness of estimating quantities with the use of excel, and candy construction software. I do obtained experience and competences through my involvement which I obtained since January 2010.
Allocate Resources
I have experience of allocating resource in the project during the preparation of working programme. I have archived with the use of Microsoft Project and candy construction software whereby resources were located accordingly and whenever found there was a need to re-allocating them due to work delay.
Schedule Activities
I am competent in preparing working schedule activities with the use of both; Microsoft Project and Candy Construction Software. This was done successful within my whole life of experience at Pre-contract stage and Post contract stage.
Develop Budget
I am good in preparing and develop project budget from initial stage of tendering to construction stage till completion, as I have involved in tendering process for more than 8 years of working experiences.
Assemble Project Plan
I am good also in preparing and present project plan through Microsoft project, excel and Candy Construction as I did in the construction of different project of my experiences.