• 10 NODs (Note of Distinction)
  • The Art of Productive Laziness Workshop
  • Quantifying Management's Expectations
  • Working with Change Analysis
  • Identifying Winning Projects
  • Facilitation Tools and Techniques
  • Facilitating Workflow Model Development
  • Identifying and Defining Operational Improvements
  • Intro to the Art of Productive Laziness
  • PMO Mission, Goals, and Objectives: Business Driven vs. Theory Driven PMOs
  • Managing Projects: Think Process not Methodology
  • Create Business Case
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    Align Deliverables with Strategic Business Objectives
    Recognizing that growth is not just in business development, but in maintaining and winning back past customers. Presented strategies and incorporated policies that placed greater emphasis on retention of existing clients.
    Enroll Sponsors
    I have formed partnerships with outside organizations with the objective of combining our resources to growing our respective organizations, this has included obtaining additional revenue for marketing.
    Identify Project Team Member Requirements and Critical Knowledge Sources
    Identify the individuals who are best suited marketing and business development strategies -- determining who has the best relationship with an outside vendor, determining who would be the best at deepening relationships and who would be best and executing the IT functionality via interviews and consultation.
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    Determine Return on Investment (ROI)
    I am affuluent in Microsoft Suite and Excel, currently scheduled to become certified. In past projects, I have documented historical data and compared with lessons learned and results in revenue, including expenses.
    Present Business Case
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    Plan Project
    Planning the project is the key to success. It is exactly like planning your career or planning your kids future. The more effort you put in obtaining the best plan, the more is the tendency for this plan to succeed. The team and managers involved in this should be very knowledgeable and highly experienced because this will draw the path towards the success of the project.
    Define Project
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    Select Project Approach
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    Make Project Plan
    This is one of the most critical steps in any project. Decent effort should be spent on each task as the more precise you are, the more successful your project will be in terms of proper resources allocation, efforts estimated, schedule activities and all others. If care was not taken while doing this step, sometimes the Control and Monitor Process might not be able to save the project if all these item under this step were under estimated.
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    Define Work Breakdown Structure
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    Determine Activity Dependencies
    Work to identify and remove impediments whenever possible and understand where bottlenecks have occurred.
    Develop Budget
    Performed EVA on the cost of services provided, materials, scheduling and increased productivity by 21%
    Refine Project Risk Assessment
    Have the ability to perform root cause analysis, qualitative and quantitative risk analysis and then make the best decisions regarding risk.
    Obtain Project Plan Approval
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    Activate Project
    I've learned a few golden rules from being exposed to various decent projects:

    1- Communicating with stakeholders at all times, understanding their needs and being transparent with them plays a pivotal role in the project success.
    2- Investing in your team members will payback on the short run towards the success of the project. Training is a core task.
    Publicize Project
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    Inform Stakeholders
    Understand that Stakeholder engagement can intimidate some, I am willing to engage any stakeholder from senior management to customers.

    I’m a strong public speaker and willing to engage a group or handle a one on one situation.
    Brief Participants
    Utilize my TKP training as with Kanban to paint a picture of what the process will be and set proper expectations and illustrate dependencies.
    Set Expectations
    As a CPSO, I have a strong sense for the business side of a project,

    The golden rule is to over-deliver while under-promising. Even if you know it’s with your resources to do; mitigate risk by not set unrealistic expectations.

    People want to believe it’s the product, but it’s really YOU they are buying. Standing for the right expectation and your brand and reputation will speak for itself.
    Equip Project
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    Train Project Team
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    Identify Training Needs
    Recognize where areas of opportunity exist and work on developing skill gaps.
    Control Project
    I've worked on projects where sometimes we faced some slippage in schedule or we ran over budget so we had to do mitigation plans to overcome these situations. The last thing you need to consider if everything else fails is to add more manpower to resolve delays. This will incur additional cost and will definitely affect the productivity. Motivate your staff, acknowledge them and above all assign tasks properly based on skills and capabilities. I always believe in the rule that General Moltke created which is categorizing individuals based on their smartness and diligence and then assign tasks accordingly. This comes with experience of course and a piece of advise: It is not always an asset on site when someone is physically energetic but mentally dull as this category of people will always create problems faster than they could be managed and will require full time supervision.
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    Assign Project Tasks
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    Motivate Project Participants
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    Acknowledge Performance
    Have given special recognition when a team member has achieved something special and deserves recognition.
    Track Project Progress
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    Revise Project Plan
    I am adept at engaging stakeholders at all levels of an organization to identify areas of opportunity and collaborate to implement solutions.
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    Assess Project Risks
    Per Warren Buffett:

    "Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing."

    Managing risk management is the most important aspect of Project Management as a whole.

    Project Management is about coming in on time and under budget.

    Risk Management is about protecting cost to the customer.

    Risks do not go away - the are there. You have to decide on the risk strategy:

    Strategies for Negative Risks:
    1) Avoidance
    2) Mitigation
    3) Transference
    4) Acceptance

    Strategies for Positive Risks
    1) Exploit
    2) Enhance
    3) Share
    4) Accept
    End Project
    If all stages preceding this stage were monitored and controlled properly, you will find closing the project the easiest part no matter what was the project scale but if there were slippages in the previous stages especially the quality control then you will end up with an endless punch list and this could delay the handing over of the project to the customer if there were some serious items on the punch list.
    One more thing I've learned: Always make sure to archive and documents every single document properly and never under estimate the power of such task should any future problems arise.
    Prepare Completion Report
    Compile data about aspects of the project and summarize depending upon the audience.

    Illustrate ROI on the project and profitable or unprofitable.

    Show comparisons to previous results of similar years or initiatives.
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    Summarize Project Results
    Can utilize multiple resources to generate the final results of a project in very simple and comparable results.
    Identify Lessons Learned
    Will keep a record of what has gone right and gone wrong in process; initiating process improvement.
    Collect Project Metrics
    Can take performance results and make comparisons.

    Focus on the most important KPI and show improvement or plan for areas of opportunities.
    Turn Over Results
    Compile detailed presentation of performance evaluation in a number of formats - showing successful completion and areas of opportunity.
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    Archive Project Products
    Maintained Organization documentations for compliance both for legal purposes and for proof of contracts signed in the case of dispute.

    Keep the documentation secure and organized - both in location and filed in alphabetical order with dates (months) clearly marked.

    Knowing what must be kept scanned and what can be disposed (after one year in many compliance level cases).
    Identify Reusable Objects
    Two questions:
    1) What has been produced on the project?
    2) What things might have a use to other projects?

    Note all lessons learned: who were the key contributors, stakeholders and participants in the process.

    Keep track of what went well and what to make sure to include the next time a similar project or training takes place; who you want to invite and why.

    What model or process worked best?

    What environment did it have it's best success in?
    Accept Project Results
    To better understand accepting the overall project results, ask yourself the following questions:

    1) Who needs to formally accept the project results?

    2) Have you created a project completion form that indicates that an individual or group is accepting the result of the project?

    3) How will you document the rejection of the project’s results?

    4)Where will you archive the project acceptance documents?
    Release Project Resources
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    Perform Final Accounting
    Understand Corporate and Business Finance -- am adept in reporting final figures from a project and ROI.
    Monitor Personnel Reassignment
    Recognize what tasks are not being completed and make a balance.

    Have had one-on-one conversations based on personnel and given honest and detailed feedback.

    Demonstrate areas of opportunity for improvement while focusing on areas of strength.