Create Business Case
Creating a Business Case is all about looking 3 - 5 years down the road, and seeing what benefits the project will bring to the organization. These could be strategic, like tooling up for the next wave of technology, cutting time and costs of existing processes, or simply maintaining the license to operate. Executives want this up front in one simple slide. All other information is simply support information.
Make Project Plan
When making the project plan, you are really meeting with the experts within your project to see which activities are needed to be performed sequentially, in parallel, or in iteration. They will know better than anyone the time and cost for each task. Trust is a key factor.
Track Project Progress
Keeping stakeholders informed at all times is key to maintaining the trust and credibility. Many times it is best to have meetings with the key stakeholders before the official meetings, so they won't be surprised with new information coming in.