• 2 NODs (Note of Distinction)
  • The Art of Productive Laziness Workshop
  • Intro to the Art of Productive Laziness
  • Define Project Scope
    Work with client and other stack holders of the project to determine the scope of the project at very early stage.
    Select Project Approach
    What should be the approach and implementation plan is one of the key things to determine and stay behind success of the project
    Determine Project Standards
    I can nicely define what all project standards should be including the process & quality standards
    Define Work Breakdown Structure
    Define and create complete WBS is one of the important aspect of the project. This brings clarity on what all activity or task we need to carried out through out the project
    Determine Activity Dependencies
    Ordering of the activity and dependency of each is another important aspect. This will help us to optimum way of usage of the resource pool.
    Estimate Effort
    I know technology and people well and that help me to better estimate the effort in each of the task or activity of the project
    Allocate Resources
    To allocation of the resource specifically in terms of human resource, you need to know capability of individual to allocate him/her including what all technology he/she know and along with working extend.
    Inform Stakeholders
    Being scrum master, information to the stack holders and people over process is one of the key things