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I attest to the same reaction to this Webinar: "Control Freaks, Queen Bees and Workplace Saboteurs: Preventing, Managing and Eliminating your Project Nightmare"

Many of us have been at the wrong end of this Disrespectful behaviour in the office and although many of us are mature workforce members, we often forget how crazy it can get when we meet one of those people from hell. I would recommend this video to be part of mandatory reading list for any PM and any workers in the modern office.

Well done Paul!

Best regards, TAN

Posted by HOCKANN TAN on Jan 16, 2018
I just completed watching Paul's webinar on bullying on projects through and can honestly say that The information in this webinar should be made mandatory for all companies and their employees to watch and listen to. Paul brought to light some excellent points on how to handle bullying and what not to do. The interaction of the attendees throughout the webinar in the chat box was also great to read, as it showed how many PMs have been a part of bullying. I was shocked! Bring an IT consultant for over 18 years myself, I have seen bullying happen in the workplace and have unfortunately also been bullied in the past. It's hard to complain to the HR department about someone at your bosses level. Pauls webinar did a good job of explaining what your expectations should be when preparing yourself for documenting the bullying and how to report it as business consequences rather than personal vendetta information. I highly recommend his webinar and look forward to any others he has. Great presenter!

Posted by Natalie Disque on Dec 3, 2015
Paul is working in an area of project management that I hadn't considered essential before, but with an increasing focus in the profession about the role of teams in achieving project success, it is an important topic.

I'm pleased someone is bringing this to the forefront of discussion, and Paul's writing and presenting on the topics of workplace ethics and bullying present ideas in a way that is easy to incorporate into the daily effort of managing teams. Thank you!

Posted by Elizabeth Harrin on Aug 21, 2015
I know Paul since 3-4 years when we met at a PMI Ethics meeting. He was starting membership on EMAG and impressed me with his ethical knowledge from his other profession as a lawyer. We had good professional chats since and today, July 2015, I attended his PMI webinar about Bullying. This webinar was enlightening as it pointed out the importance, prevalence and impact of Bullying and in my view will open a discussion and development of strategies against bullying. Paul is a dedicated and values driven person and an asset to PMI and the profession.

Well done, Paul, looking forward to meet you at the next Ethics session!

Posted by Thomas Walenta on Jul 28, 2015