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I worked with Andrew in his capacity as a consultant/partner with my company. He and I worked closely in implementing a policy management system for the area of my company I support. I really enjoyed working with Andrew as he was a smart and trustworthy partner. He brought a creative and thoughtful approach to our work and his presence on our team is missed. Above all this, Andrew is a good person and I'm happy to call him a friend.

Posted by Christopher Biles on Mar 24, 2020
Andrew has given me amazing advice over the last half year within the forums. He is not only professional but filled with great ideas and feedback. I highly recommend subscribing to Andrew and heeding his wonderful and insightful input.

Posted by Michael Shanklin, MBA PMP CSSGB ACP PSM on Sep 29, 2017
Recommended as a Mentor

Posted by Waseem Anwar Rehmani on Aug 17, 2017