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Rami is very involved in PMI sessions and he frequently contributes to discussion boards and blogs with insightful comments. Thanks, Rashika

Posted by Rashika A on Mar 22, 2018
I do not usually recommend people that I do not know personally. Nowadays, about one year in this community, I think nobody better than Rami deserves my time and a recommendation.

Rami, not only actively participates in this site, but his answers are always professional, interesting and encouraging. Through simple posts, answers or comments, he shares knowledge, encourages and coaches all the members of this community.

If Rami can do this in a virtual community, he will be a perfect team leader and team member. From my point of view, working with him would be a pleasure!

Posted by Mayte Mata-Sivera on Mar 13, 2017
I have joined here quite recently and am quite impressed by Rami Kaibni's dedicated inputs on the websites. His work is of pure quality and shows the man's skill, expertise and experience. His every increasing network of PM professionals, is an indicator of his achievements. Professional from cross section of industry segments have appreciated Rami's work and contribution. His profile, reflects the cheerleader he has been in many a front. His network or people is quite appreciable. From his postings, its clearly indicative of his abilities within his indistry segment. However, his work is mot biased or partial to just his industry sement, but encompasses Project Management too.Without doubt, I can say, that Rami will be contributing to the case for a very long time and I quite look forward to reading his work.

Rami, keep up the good work. You are a role model, worth imbibing.

Posted by Chanu Rajagopala on Dec 27, 2016
I met Rami just recently in this community though only virtually until now, nevertheless I recognized immediately that he is a highly motivated guy with a great mindset and huge PM skills. I am glad to have met him in this community and I love discussing and comminicating with him. I am totally convinced that he will earn his PMP Certification easily and even without this certification he is already highly professional with everything that he is doing, as far as I can see from distance. I hope to meet this great guy in person someday.

Posted by Markus Kopko, PMP on Jan 12, 2016
I've known Rami for years. He has always been a very professional individual, smart and highly motivated. He leads by example and has always been commended by clients and higher management for his exceptional leadership and project management skills.

Posted by Osama Tannous on Jan 11, 2016