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I watched Teresas webinar last week and found it very informative. I particularly liked the clear split between divergent and convergent and the suite of tools for each. I am facilitating some multi company groups, here in Aberdeen UK, over the next few weeks to address an issue we have with an offshore Oil & Gas installation in the UK North Sea and am going to use the “Two Types” approach. As referenced in the webinar I am going to try “forced” connections slides/photos as I think they will assist our teams creativity.

In summary well worth an hours investment.

Posted by Peter Cranston on Jan 12, 2018
I attended two of Teresa's webinar on related to diverging and converging thinking, creativity and Creative Problem Solving (CPS). Those webinars were full of useful and valuable tools and techniques. If you are looking for training on how to find novel and useful solutions to complex and ambiguous problems in your projects I highly recommend Teresa.

Posted by Anouar Khalfi on Nov 17, 2017
I attended Teresa's webinar on "Two types of thinking – one for generating and one for narrowing". This webinar shows the tools and techniques for generating ideas/solutions and then the tools and techniques on how to take decision and choose the best. I highly recommend this webinar.

Posted by Wissam Kfoury on Oct 10, 2017
I highly recommend Teresa's webinar available on called "Two types of thinking – one for generating and one for narrowing". The techniques Teresa presented for fostering creativity among teammates were informative, practical, and compelling. She shared a number of examples demonstrating how divergent and convergent thinking tools could be used to generate and refine ideas. Teresa is a knowledgeable, engaging, and entertaining speaker, and I look forward to implementing her suggestions with my teams.

Posted by Joyce Zandee on Sep 28, 2017