Project Management

Reengineering of pension system payroll.

Project by Ruth Marina Lopez Perez | July 2017 - September 2017

Project Management Approaches
Project performance measures
Change management practices
Risk management practices
Predictive (traditional/waterfall) project mgmt. practices*
Internal/proprietary methodologies
Agile/Incremental/Iterative project mgmt. practices

Functional Responsibilities
Time Management
Quality Management
Communications Management
Scope Management
Risk Management
Integration Management
Stakeholder Management

Project Characteristics
This project is part of a program

Roles: Project Manager
Team Size: 6
Budget: Less than $100,000
Duration: 1-6 months
Industry: Information Technology

Project Objective
Provide the current Payroll System of Pensions, with a functionality that allows registering up to three beneficiaries at the time of the death of a Pensioner.
When a pensioner dies, distribute 100% of the salary among the beneficiaries.
Each beneficiary will receive the salary proportionally.
Withholdings will be distributed proportionately between each beneficiary.
Issue the payment of the beneficiary by deposit in the bank established by the organization.

Project Description
The Pension Payment Payroll System was developed in 2013. It allowed only one beneficiary.
The Regulation of Plans and Programs of Improvement and Military Social Assistance establishes the payment of pension to the beneficiaries when the pensioner dies. The maximum number of beneficiaries established is three. This was not contemplated when the System was developed, and caused problems among the relatives of the deceased pensioners. The relatives presented the case to the organization and the decision was made to add a new functionality to the System.
The new functionality was qualified with a level of complexity of 85% since it was required to reform the program of calculation of payment and withholdings by 95%, distributing the amounts proportionally between each beneficiary.
This caused an increase in the issuance of payment by check or by deposit in bank, since for each beneficiary the respective payment must be issued.
The size of the database increased: 1. The pension payment file distributed by beneficiary was modified. 2. Added a table of beneficiaries with the percentage assigned to each one, the name, the bank deposit account number, the name, identification, address and telephone number. 3. The size of the journal vouchers increased by 40%.
4. A beneficiary consultation and report form was created.

Products / Technologies
1.Skype Direct interview to collect the requirements.
2. Microsoft Project for the Schedule
3. Constructive Cost Model (COCOMO) USC-COCOMO II
4. Points of Function - COSMIC
5. Zimbra for email
6. TeorĂ­a motivacional OACHI

Lessons Learned
The goals of the project were achieved within the established time.
The scope was modified in execution time due to the fact that one of the interested parties, the Financial Director of the Organization, did not contemplate the fact that the laws of our country do not allow banks to register accounts or issue checks to minors, and there are pensioners whose beneficiaries were minors.
Acquisition of project management skills with predictive and agile methodology in some of its activities.

Project Wins
Satisfaction of the end users: the beneficiaries of the deceased pensioners.
Staff with better working skills in hybrid projects with waterfall and agile methodology.
Learn free and reliable software tool to estimate project costs, such as USC-COCOMO II.
Mastery and refined understanding of the laws and regulations related to the payment of pensions in the Army of Nicaragua.


"One of the symptoms of approaching nervous breakdown is the belief that one's work is terribly important."

- Bertrand Russell