Seminar: How to Think Strategically

Project by Greg Githens | October 2005 - November 2028

Project Management Approaches
Change management practices
Risk management practices
Agile/Incremental/Iterative project mgmt. practices
Extreme project management practices

Functional Responsibilities
Stakeholder Management

Project Characteristics
This project is part of a program

Roles: Consultant
Team Size: 40
Budget: Less than $100,000
Duration: 2+ years
Industry: Other

Project Objective
Help participants understand the competencies and practices of strategic thinking in a project environment.

Project Description
This two day seminar (and associated coaching) helps individuals address three top needs of the next generation of leaders: 1) strategic thinking, 2) understanding the parts of the business and how it adds value, 3) driving change.

Products / Technologies
Strategic thinking, extraordinary leadership, non-linear thinking, coping with VUCA

Lessons Learned
Business acumen is related to strategic thinking, but many people tend to confuse it with business literacy.

Project Wins
Many people who have re-thought their career narrative.


"Four be the things I am wiser to know: Idleness, sorrow, a friend, and a foe."

- Dorothy Parker