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EVM Talk


Program management veteran and earned value management specialist Jason Kinder, now with Deltek, discusses EVM, including tangible benefits, important metrics and tailored approaches to implementing it successfully. As you listen, download the companion Job Aid “EVM Pressure Points” (in Resources: Decision-Making) for questions to consider when implementing EVM. [8:23]

Not By Technology Alone

by April Boland Curt Finch

Project management software is more advanced than ever, but tools are only as good as the people and processes that use and support them. Here are five best practices that are indispensable to successful project execution. If they’re not in place, don’t expect technology to save you.

A Day in the Life of...

by [email protected]

A veteran program manager shares his keys to success, including a detailed checklist that mirrors a typical day on the job, from managing email to holding team meetings to keeping stakeholders informed.

Need for Speed

by Janis Rizzuto

As more organizations achieve bottom-line benefits from Critical Chain, the execution management approach is moving from high concept to best practice, and adoption is on the rise. But even proponents acknowledge that its hard focus on faster results is not for every project environment. Here’s a closer look at where and why critical chain is working.

Justify Your Project

by Stanley Portny, PMP

Best practices for determining your project’s justification.

Create Achievable Schedules

by Stanley Portny, PMP

Here are nine essential steps to create a realistic and attainable project schedule.

Less WBS, More Project Focus

by Fernando Portes, PMP

When project managers are occupied with overly detailed work breakdown structures, other critical activities such as communication, risk analysis and problem solving are bound to be neglected. Based on success with a simpler approach to scheduling, a project management veteran recommends seven improvements to common WBS practices.

One At A Time

by Mike Cohn

Multitasking is one of the biggest drains on project team performance, but it’s not so easy to convince the powers that be, your peers — or even yourself — to stop the juggling act. Here are some practical suggestions for improving team focus, one project and task at a time.

The Backpacker’s Guide to Lightweight PM

by Jeff Oltmann

The formidable body of project management knowledge can overwhelm less experienced practitioners and organizations getting started. They can see the benefits but despair at their ability to adopt an extensive set of best practices and the complex enterprise changes required. They need a lightweight, simple way to start — a backpacker’s approach to project management.

Why Teams Won’t Plan

by William Duncan

You’ve heard it before: “failing to plan is planning to fail.” And still countless projects suffer from inadequate planning. But the most common justifications (there isn’t enough time; the project isn’t that complex) tend to obscure deeper problems. Here are three major causes of lackluster planning and some straightforward

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