Project Management


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Global Resource Planning

by Jeanne Urich and David Hofferberth

Globalization is driving professional service organizations of all sizes to adapt their processes and consider integrated resource planning solutions that can improve financial visibility and operational efficiency while maintaining a hands-on project management touch.

Diary of a PM

by Donald Pillittere

Dip into the working diary of an accomplished product manager who shares “the good, the bad and the utterly random” realities of “one of the most essential, unpredictable and unsung responsibilities in business” — yes, managing projects. In his forthcoming book, the author imparts invaluable lessons learned based on four “Ps” of project management: processes, people, parts and phenomena. Here’s an excerpt.

The Budget Abides

by Brad Egeland

Your management and your clients often have different criteria for judging project success, but the budget is going to get attention from both sides. Here are five ways to keep your project's budget in line with the expectations of both your management and your customers.

Prioritizing Work

by Terry Doerscher

Here is a 12-step guide to developing an integrated work-prioritization process.

Phasing and Staging

by Drew Davison

Your organization is undertaking a major new project that will have a significant impact across the board. If we know anything about project risk, we know the bigger they are the harder they fail. What can you do to improve your chances of success? Here are some approaches to consider that will ensure your organization gets value out of the undertaking.

Do You Know Where Your Scope Is?

by William Duncan

Everyone seems to agree on the importance of scope, but there is much less agreement on what it is and where to find it. By focusing on a project’s “product” (whether tangible or intangible), project managers create greater clarity around the implication of all changes.

Mind Mapping A Better View

by Andrew Makar, PMP

By integrating analytical processes such as scope definition and schedule development with non-linear, collaborative activities such as brainstorming, a mind-mapping solution can help project leaders do their jobs more efficiently and communicate to a broader audience more effectively.

Reason For Being

by Drew Davison

If you don’t see how your project fits into an overall strategic vision, you’re operating with blinders on, and without information critical to success. Here’s some guidance on what you need to know about the relationship between your project and your organization’s business plan, and how it can improve project performance.

Mind Mapping A Better WBS

by Andrew Makar, PMP

The integration of project management practices and mind mapping tools is still a relatively new concept. Here’s a look at how one mind-mapping solution can help project managers quickly generate a work breakdown structure and calculate a bottom-up estimate.

The Scheme of Things

by Drew Davison

Do you really know why the project you’re working on has received scarce organizational capital? Are the reasons for undertaking this particular initiative versus another clear to all? Here is a framework for making sure everyone understands where the project fits in the scheme of things.

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