Project Management


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Your Stakeholders Are [Here]

by Drew Davison

Stakeholders can make or break major change initiatives. But project managers often struggle to get stakeholders to collaborate and consider the impact of their decisions. Here is a framework for actively engaging your stakeholders throughout the project, starting with identifying and managing four key roles.

Why Good Plans Go Bad

by Nigel Hughes

Turf battles, poor oversight, misplaced objectives and vaguely defined responsibilities derail many transformation initiatives. Switching from a task management mindset to a benefit management framework can get these projects back on track.

Deming, the PM (Pt. 4)

by Josh Nankivel

Some managers believe a bit of fear can be healthy, but Deming didn’t think so, and it can hurt projects in countless ways, from data manipulation to lack of innovation. On the other end of the spectrum, light agile approaches honor another Deming principle: focus on stakeholder value.

PM Blind Spots

by Jim Stewart, PMP

Projects are often run by inexperienced project managers who are unfamiliar with techniques to manage projects more effectively. In this series, Jim Stewart, PMP, brings some of these common blind spots into sharper focus.

Scope Control: Change Management

by Samuel Brown, PMP

Scope control remains among the most challenging processes faced by project managers. It requires clarity of definition, precise boundaries, and a reliable change management process.

Project Transformers

by Debra E. Cunningham, PMP

Successful project management involves more than templates, plans and process flows. Projects bring change, which is often resisted by individuals and organizations. Here is one model that can help project managers drive organizational change and improve the likelihood that their projects have a positive, lasting impact.

PPM 101: Work Changes

by Tom Mochal

When business conditions and priorities change, the approved work within your project portfolio will likely change as well. Here are some common scenarios that require new courses of action, and suggestions for integrating the work changes into your portfolio.

Holding The Line

by Milton Woodward

Protecting project scope in the face of budget constraints isn’t fun, and can get downright ugly. The tug-of-war between individual stakeholders’ desires and overall objectives is often contentious, but project leaders can win respect, if not a popularity contest, when they combine disciplined change management procedures with interpersonal skills.

The Little Project That Couldn’t

by Andrew Makar, PMP

You can’t work in this field long without experiencing a project that falters. You can, however, examine and learn from failed projects — your own and your peers' — to try to avoid some of the same minefields. Here are five fundamental lessons learned from a troubled project whose daily mantra was “every project has an end!”

Forest for the Trees

by Abhay Padgaonkar

There is project management insight to be gleaned from the worlds and words of basketball coaching legend John Wooden, social psychology pundit Malcolm Gladwell, Pulitzer Prize-winning writer John Steinbeck and quality guru Joseph Juran, among others. The author connects the dots to draw some big-picture takeaways on the nature of change and projects.

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