Project Management


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In the PM Cockpit

by Moe Glenner

Both pilots and project managers are constantly addressing risk, change and uncertainty, filtering a steady stream of data to make decisions that have immediate and lasting consequences. Here are five behaviors, present to some degree in all of us, that left unchecked can make for a turbulent project flight, rocky landing or worse.

Working Together Better

by Dave Prior

In part two of her chat with Dave Prior, Agile author and coach Esther Derby discusses the different expectations our emerging workforce brings, and the new ways of working they will foster, from flattened hierarchies to greater lateral engagement. Along the way, scaling Agile will be essential. [18:05]

Change in the Works

by Dave Prior

Author and coach Esther Derby chats with Dave Prior about creating work environments where individuals and organizations can succeed, including dealing with the concerns and contradictions that often arise during change initiatives. It starts with “adult” conversations that acknowledge the emotional as well structural impact of change. [21:20]

A Fool With A Tool

by Michael Menard

Any software implementation should enable or enhance a business process. Unfortunately, many organizations mistakenly believe that the technology itself is the solution. In reality, it is at best 10 percent of the value equation — the other 90 percent is based on the human factor.

Change Perception

by Wendy Werblin

On most change initiatives, perception is 9/10ths of reality. Project leaders need to show their team members a reason to believe in the change. By developing a credible message and understanding points of resistance, you can create a shared understanding of the initiative’s goals and benefits.

The Chains of Change

by Moe Glenner

A successful change initiative at a division of a large metals processing company started with ‘over-communicating” to a burned-out, disillusioned team. By actively engaging the team, the project leader garnered much-needed buy-in, and enthusiam increased as the new technology platform delivered tangible results.

Backseat Leader

by ProjectsAtWork

Project leaders know about the challenges of managing initiatives without official authority or long-term resource commitments. And some of the same skills they use to succeed can drive positive change in their organizations. Here, the authors of Leading Business Change For Dummies, share 10 ways to lead change when someone else is running the show.

The Challenge of Change

by Anju Aggarwal

Why do organizational change efforts so often fail to achieve the desired results? More often than not, it’s not the change people resist, it’s the way organizations manage it. Here are the leading reasons, and some remedies that can help people understand and embrace change.

How Should I Coach People?

by Gil Broza

Change is happening everywhere, all the time. It is often uncomfortable and project teams need help through it. They need leaders to illuminate and facilitate, to guide them toward a target and make it stick. They need a coach. But as a coach what do you need to succeed?

Improvements As Experiments

by Gil Broza

When change is presented as a mandate or “best practice” there are often destructive consequences that undermine the intended benefits. A better approach is to reframe and carry out improvement efforts as experiments. This can facilitate deeper learning and team building, not to mention create added value in unexpected ways.

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"You cannot prevent the birds of sorrow from flying over your head, but you can prevent them from building nests in your hair."

- Chinese Proverb