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Teamwork at the Edge

by ProjectsAtWork

From balanced optimism and bifocal vision to relentless learning and calculated risks, here are five battle-tested strategies and tactics to sustain effective teamwork through project adversity, uncertainty and change.

C-Suite Conversations

by Mark Bashrum

Talking to senior management can be stressful, but it can make a big impact — on your project and even your career. When face time is limited, how do you make the most of these conversations? Here are five guidelines to “communicating up” so that executives listen.

The Paradox of Teams

by Vincent McGevna

Why do some teams pull together to meet challenges, while others don’t? Well, teamwork takes time to save time, and it requires motivated individuals. By understanding these paradoxes, project managers can play a critical role in building teams that can accomplish amazing feats.

It Takes Two

by Tom Mochal

Skeptics remain, but pair programming has stood the test of time, and countless Agile-based software development teams regard it as a fundamental technique. From greater productivity to fewer bugs and better designs, pair programming can provide several advantages to the “lone-wolf” programmer.

Micromanaging vs. Coaching

by Nathan Jamail

Micromanaging is a tactic, not a leadership style, and every leader should understand the difference. Coaching skills come into play to ensure team members are on track and ready to win, whereas micromanaging activities are used to address poor performance and take corrective actions.

Make Your Meetings Work

by Jean Kelley

Meetings don’t have to be something people dread — at least not your meetings. By implementing these 10 tips, you will facilitate more productive and actionable meetings. And rather than being viewed as time wasters, they will actually get things done.

Teamwork Starts With Planning

by Vincent McGevna

In planning your projects, team members should provide much of the input and begin to define and understand their roles and responsibilities. Then, during execution, they can better focus on developing the end product as they work together, mutally accountable, with common purpose and clear performance goals.

Delivering Difficult News

by Andy Jordan

One day you may have to tell a colleague, a team member, perhaps even a friend that they are not the right person to lead a project or fill a key role that they might very much desire. Here are some leadership guidelines, based on recent personal experience, for handling such difficult resource changes the right way.

The Project Hunger Games

by Susan Martin

The sometimes dysfunctional relationship between project managers and business analysts can be compared to that of the two main characters in the popular book-movie. Without strong PM-BA collaboration, projects can fall prey to competing perspectives. Here are six strategies to find common ground and make the relationship work.

Social Project Management

by A Trilog Whitepaper

Engaging the Social Network to Deliver Project Success.

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