Project Management


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In Projects, We Trust

by Bart Gerardi

Trust is the currency a project leader must deal in. It requires clear communication, doing rather than telling, making human connections, being open and honest, and answering tough questions. Here are five ways to earn and keep the trust you need from your team members, stakeholders, sponsors and clients.

Better Communication Environments

by Andy Jordan

There will always be challenges around communications, be it giving or receiving information. But often it is the project environment we operate in that is the toughest challenge of all. Here are ideas for overcoming organizational barriers to effective communication. Consistency and context are keys.

Inspiration vs. Accountability

by Lisa McLeod

Inspiration and accountability aren't mutually exclusive. Inspiration is your destination and accountability your road map. So good leaders don’t choose between the two. In fact, the ability to translate vision into daily measurable behaviors is what determines whether an organization will be exceptional or ho-hum.

The Politics of Change

by Lisa Hillenbrand and Ellen Auster

Project and programs are the drivers of change in organizations, but too often more attention is paid to the plan and cost than to the people who can make or break these initiatives. To succeed, we must embrace our “inner politician” and work closely with both the key influencers and the skeptics within our organizations.

7 Keys to Global PM Success

by Sangeet Saurabh

When teams are working in multiple locations, time zones and cultures, there is no substitute for clear upfront goals, real-time visibility, flexible work approaches and powerful collaboration tools. Here are seven measures that are fundamental to success on global projects.

Stakeholder Assessment Checklist


The success or failure of most strategic initiatives can be directly linked to its stakeholders. These are the influencers and decision-makers who have organizational authority to allocate resources, set priorities and drive change. Here is a comprehensive checklist to assess their commitment, capability and communication.

Channel Your Communications

by Joel Roberts

By optimizing communication along three channels — upward (executives), lateral (clients, functional managers) and downward (team members) — throughout an organization, project leaders can minimize risks and improve outcomes.

Top 10 Business Analysis Trends


The evolving role of business analysis practitioners calls for an increased focus on visual modeling, communication, client collaboration and business value over documentation and project activities, according to a recent survey of senior executives.

5 Resolutions for Today's PM

by Tushar Patel

You have mastered the use of plans and processes, but a modern project manager must resolve to go beyond execution, consider the big picture, and contribute to business value. Here are five resolutions to take your professional development to the next level in 2016.

7 Causes of Project Failure

by Brad Egeland

How they affect the project can vary from company to company, project manager to project manager and project to project, but each of these seven factors — spanning budgets and resources to stakeholders and requirements — will have severe negative implications for the success of any project.

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