Project Management


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Improve It Or Lose It

by Joachim Ahlstrom

High-performance teams keep it simple, stay focused and positive, create ownership, and take systematic approaches. These principles are also crucial to creating a continuous improvement culture and mindset, but many organizations get bogged down. Let’s take a closer look at why, and how common pitfalls can be avoided.

The New PM On the Block

by Andy Jordan

No matter how much experience they have, project and program managers are constantly starting over — with new organizations, new clients and new team members. Since you only get one chance to make a first impression, here are tips to make sure it's a good one.

A Language of Agile

by Dave Prior

Michael Vizdos has helped people better understand and implement Scrum for almost 25 years, while Peter Green has led Agile transformation efforts at Adobe since 2008. Here, they discuss how they apply the values and techniques of Nonviolent Communication to their work and their lives. [24 min.]

Dealing With Disappointment

by Alesia Latson

How you handle your disappointment in a team member speaks volumes about your leadership style. And it will affect your credibility with the entire team and within your organization. The key is to use the situation as a coaching opportunity. Here’s how.

Automatic for the Process

by Sam Fell

When it comes to automating software release processes, there are inevitable challenges that must be overcome, starting with resistance from developers, testers and other stakeholders. Change management is critical. Here are some recommendations to help navigate this often difficult journey.

Old Habits Are Good to Break

by Andy Jordan

When a project team’s innovative solution to achieve its time-compressed goals was rejected by the sponsor, widespread resentment followed, a good project manager resigned, and the initiative faltered. Whether or not the idea would have worked, when leaders routinely stifle creativity the consequences can be dire and far-reaching.

Re: Email Maladies

by Andy Jordan

Email is a necessity of the modern office, but it can be detrimental to effective project communication if not managed properly, hindering teamwork and performance. Here we examine common email-related problems, including lack of context and distraction.

A Project by Any Other Name

by Kathleen Ryan O'Connor

What’s the difference between a “strategic initiative” and a “project”? The question has sparked debate within the project management community. Here, IT strategist Erika Van Noort shares her thoughts on why it matters, and how a change in terms can reframe the mindset of everyone involved, leading to better results.

The Learning Curve

by Edward D. Hess

Organizations can no longer depend on all-knowing leaders or better mousetraps to succeed. In today’s rapidly changing marketplace, the only way to develop and sustain a competitive advantage is to create a high-performance learning culture. Here are four fundamental steps to build it.

Powered By Purpose

by Scott Deming

How much influence does any one individual have on an organization’s culture or values? What about the “culture” of a project or program, from accountability to communication? Here are 10 ways that you can make an impact in establishing a flourishing culture around core values.

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