Project Management


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Mobility Now!

by Guy Barlow

It is no longer a question of if organizations should embrace mobility, but when. Mobile solutions offer project, program and portfolio managers unprecedented access to essential information that has a direct impact on high-stakes decision-making and communication. Those who overcome resistance and address concerns will lead the pack in innovation, opportunity and growth.

Don’t Slack on Feedback


Transparency, accountability and informed decision-making on project teams all require regular feedback, both formally and informally. Here are nine steps, based on a mutual learning mindset, to improve how you deliver feedback to your team.

Gamification to Develop Teams

by Jenna Puckett

By providing feedback and recognition, gamification can motivate team members, encourage engagement and boost productivity. By emphasizing collaboration over competition, games can also help teams become better at communicating, solving problems and meeting goals together.

The Extra Hours Trap

by Andy Jordan

As leaders we should never lose sight of the welfare of our team members, no matter how tight the deadline or stressful the workload. If our actions threaten their welfare then we need to seriously reassess the situation, or it will cost us in other ways down the line.

Project Psychology

by Dave Prior

What are the pros (and potential cons) of applying psychological tools like social engineering, aikido and body language to your projects? Rachel Gertz, co-owner of training school Louder Than Ten, discusses how these concepts can be used by project managers to protect teams, connect with clients and ultimately deliver better results. [18:00]

It’s Time to Talk


Digital distractions don’t just make it hard to focus on work; they make it hard to focus on people, too. As a result, we often miss out on opportunities to discover new ideas and forge deeper understanding. Here, communication expert and author Geoffrey Tumlin shares six ways to encourage more productive conversations.

The Collaboration Mandate

by Maricel Rivera

In projects, like sports, the most talented players don’t guarantee a great team. The best teams are committed to overall — not individual — success. But this type of collaboration doesn’t happen on its own. It starts, first and foremost, with a project leader committed to transparency.

No Problem Project Management

by David Schmaltz

The problem-solving skills on which project managers largely build their reputations might be greatly improved by mastering the challenge of problem-selecting instead. In short, the difficulty isn’t the problem; it's how we’re coping with it. Radical acceptance is a start.

Are You Talkin’ to Me?

by Ted Gorski

By understanding and adapting to different communication styles among team members, project leaders can provide all-important clarity on goals and expectations. And less confusion usually translates into greater team harmony and productivity. Here are four common communication styles and how you can work best with each.

Both Sides Now

by Andy Jordan

What do you do when your team’s view is at odds with your organization’s perspective? It would seem like a no-win situation for even the most experienced project managers, but it can be an opportunity to demonstrate true leadership. Here are three steps to diffusing the conflict and providing value.

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