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Decision Making

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Build a Better Metrics Program: 7 Steps


Many organizations collect mountains of data that produce negligible benefits. But a well-run measurement program can provide huge ROI, from more accurate cost and schedule estimates, to streamlined processes, to better insights and decision-making. Here are seven guidelines for building and maintaining a metrics program that delivers value to your organization.

A Change in Leadership

by Andy Jordan

Whenever a new leader assumes responsibility, there is significant risk that individual and team performance will suffer. Organizations must take steps to mitigate some of the inevitable disruption before, during and after the leadership transition. As always, communication is key. And the new leader plays an important role in it.

Inspiration vs. Accountability

by Lisa McLeod

Inspiration and accountability aren't mutually exclusive. Inspiration is your destination and accountability your road map. So good leaders don’t choose between the two. In fact, the ability to translate vision into daily measurable behaviors is what determines whether an organization will be exceptional or ho-hum.

Making Sponsorship Work

by Kathleen Ryan O'Connor

As catalysts for collaboration to providers of protection, sponsors can bring many benefits to strategic initiatives. But a hierarchical culture can severely limit this potential value. Project leaders need substantive interaction with sponsors that goes beyond review/approval and offers end-to-end engagement and support.

Tough Things First

by Kathleen Ryan O'Connor

Silicon Valley’s longest serving CEO Ray Zinn says that focusing on “culture, kindness and discipline” are how his semiconductor company survived the booms and busts commonplace in the tech industry. Here, he shares his thoughts on leadership, the current startup scene, and the concept of regret.

We Need A Decision

by Bart Gerardi

Timely decision-making is critical to project success. In fact, sometimes no decision is worse than any decision. Here are three common reasons that decisions don’t get made, and tips for how project leaders can possibly circumvent them to avoid delays that frustrate the team and put the schedule at risk.

Stakeholder Assessment Checklist


The success or failure of most strategic initiatives can be directly linked to its stakeholders. These are the influencers and decision-makers who have organizational authority to allocate resources, set priorities and drive change. Here is a comprehensive checklist to assess their commitment, capability and communication.

It Starts (and Ends) at the Top

by Andy Jordan

Project leadership at the executive level too often ends at selection and approval. Leaders must remain present during execution, guiding strategic alignment, championing objectives and goals, and driving decision-making when change requires it. Is your organization set up for project success, starting at the top?

The Product Management Leader

by Rich Mironov

Product management leaders must create an environment in which their teams can succeed. That includes attention to organizational design, behavior modification, and relentless focus on the most important projects. Here are seven ideas for creating conditions that can unleash outstanding product and technical work.

Product Management Leadership Checklist


Product management leaders establish the broader context for building great products and services through a combination of processes, trust-building, hiring, mentoring and cross-functional communication. Here is a seven-point strategic framework for creating conditions that can unleash great product and technical work.

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