Project Management

Decision Making

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Check Your Decision Making

by Andy Jordan

Most checklists are designed to ensure that work is carried out, often in a predefined sequence, with specific steps. Executive-level checklists focus on the thought processes and behaviors that guide strategic decision-making. Let’s explore how and why they can best be leveraged to your organization’s advantage.

PILOT Your Team

by Elizabeth McCormick

Do some of your team members sit in meetings like they’re on a plane stuck on the runway? It may be time to “PILOT” instead of merely manage them. This method incorporates potential, implementation, leadership, optimization and tenacity to inspire team members to contribute and become more involved and invested in the organization.

A Reinvention Roadmap

by Aaron Smith

Successful business transformation programs must integrate strategy, people, process, metrics and technology. That’s a lot of moving parts. Here, a seasoned change leader discusses his field-tested roadmap for executing complex initiatives that drive innovation and create tangible value.

Let's Be Candid

by Brigg Patten

Organizations and leaders must support candor and transparency in the workplace in order to allow open discussion, problem solving and idea generation to flourish. Here are five ways to make sure your team members are empowered to provide and receive the feedback they need to excel.

The Power of the Platform


Organizations must build digital platforms to create value throughout the business, from innovative talent and leadership development to bimodal IT delivery. A new global survey of CIOs shows that a shift from fixed systems toward “platform thinking” is already under way.

Project Deception

Lisa McLeod

A leader's values set the tone for the team. In the case of Volkswagen’s emission scandal, the CEO’s long-stated goal of besting a competitor had nothing to do with adding value for customers. Accordingly, a culture emerged to circumvent challenges rather than solve them.

PPM Implementation Guidelines


Before implementing a Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution, expectations, support and staffing must be addressed. Here are guidelines based on six key questions that can help ensure your rollout is not only successful but improves alignment and delivers benefits across the organization.

5 Strategy Killers

David Waits

It's one thing to have a lofty vision for your organization's future state, quite another to inspire people to execute and achieve it. From preoccupation with the immediate, to weak buy-in from mid-level leadership, here are five barriers to implementing your strategic direction.

What’s Wrong with the Plan?

Sriram Narayan

Top agile organizations favor a product-centric model of execution over a project-centric model. They chase value instead of predictability. Let’s look at what’s wrong with plan-driven projects, and why it’s better to organize your efforts along business capabilities, supporting capability teams instead of project teams.

Good Tool, Bad Fit

Richard Hayden

Adapting basic project management software for a professional services environment requires two significant additions: versatility to accommodate a host of new metrics, and unity to ensure those metrics are synchronized with the old, accessible to all, and transparent.

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