Project Management

Decision Making

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PMO Business Planning Template

by Andy Jordan

This business planning template can help PMOs align future work with organizational goals, the first step in ensuring that they contribute to business success. Use it to guide the process of identifying key executives and sponsors, defining and prioritizing goals, and creating measurable and realistic objectives to achieve them.

Be a Builder, Not a Driver

by Andy Jordan

As project management leaders we are accountable to our organizations, our stakeholders and our teams. We have to deliver short-term results, but we also need to develop our teams to create long-term benefits. How do we ensure we focus on the right areas at the right times?

The Magic Quadrant: A Tool Worth Understanding

by Michael Wood

Have you heard of the Magic Quadrant? If you are an IT or project management leader, you should understand what the Magic Quadrant is and how it can help you make smarter and more informed decisions. The analytical tool developed by Gartner is a snapshot of an industry or market based on Gartner’s research and analysis, and was on display at its recent PPM & IT Governance Summit in Grapevine, Texas.

Low-Hanging Fruit

by Linda Rising and Mary Lynn Manns

Most major organizational initiatives require visible, unambiguous, short-term wins to persuade skeptics and marginalize cynics. Strategic change leaders need to identify the low-risk actions within the larger effort that will have the widest impact, and then publicize the results. Here are helpful tips and real-world examples.

Talent Show

by Tim Wasserman

The attraction, development and retention of top project management talent is paramount to the success of any organization. Here is a strategic execution framework that leaders and PMOs can use to guide their talent management efforts, specifically targeting six areas that can deliver the great impact and ROI.

Starting a PMO: Key Questions

by Kristyn Medeiros

PMOs launched with broad mandates or fuzzy objectives often struggle to gain traction and quickly lose momentum. To earn support from the organization for the long haul, it is critical to get the PMO started on the right foot and show immediate and measurable value. This document captures questions you’ll need to consider in building a successful PMO.

Maintain Credibility

by Andy Jordan

Leadership requires trust from the team. It can’t be earned overnight, but it can be destroyed very quickly. To maintain credibility, leaders must live up to the team’s expectations while recognizing and addressing their weaknesses.

Improving Project Selection

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

Project initiation decisions live in the space between strategy and project management. To ensure the right strategic initiatives are supported, organizations need to reframe how these decisions are made, be it politics or processes. Here’s an executive-level roadmap with critical questions to begin a reality check.

Evaluating Project Opportunities

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

What should executives and other decision-makers look for when evaluating a proposed initiative? Three ‘C’s’ — comprehensiveness, confidence and consultation — are helpful guidelines in making project initiation decisions. Here are eight questions that can be used to assess their presence in new opportunities.

Exercising Agency

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

When it comes to project initiation decisions, does your organization follow a rational, considered process? Most projects are beholden to politics, proceeding as the result of advocacy, persuasion and bargaining. And it is often the committed actions of an individual project “shaper” who wields the greatest influence on any given project’s approval.

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