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A Sustainable Future

by Aaron Smith

Organizations must fully integrate sustainability and social responsibility into their strategic goals and initiatives or they won’t survive the 21st Century. That’s the message from former PMI CEO Greg Balestrero, co-author of a new book that makes a compelling case for change, with a practical roadmap to see it through.

Let's Talk Kanban

by Dave Prior

David J. Anderson describes Kanban as “a method without methodology.” And while it supports Agile goals — making progress with imperfect information, building high-trust environments — Kanban’s greatest value lives in its evolutionary approach to improving how organizations get things done. Here’s an in-depth interview with the CEO of Lean-Kanban University, trainer and author of three books. [37:30]

Brainstorming Demons

by Mitchell Rigie and Keith Harmeyer

Scary creatures and evil spirits are fine on Halloween, but they have no place in brainstorming sessions, where they’re sure to thwart innovative thinking. Here are five ways your organization may be scaring away good ideas, and tips for how to exorcize the most disruptive brainstorming demons.

On the Social PPM Fence?

by Neil Stolovitsky

Many organizations are on the fence about integrating social media tools into their project portfolio management infrastructures. They know about potential benefits in collaboration, but also worry about the dangers of undisciplined, unstructured information sharing. Here are six questions to gauge your organization’s social PPM readiness.

Innovation With PM Context

by Aaron Shenhar

Organizations must understand the specific innovation context of their projects in order to select the optimal approach for planning and managing them. Here is a framework that integrates innovation and project management into a unified model based on four dimensions: novelty, technology, complexity and pace.

The Future of Project Work

by Avinoam Nowogrodski

We need to redefine the concept of project management and embrace the future of work. It’s a future that is more social, personalized and empowering for workers at every level. This future will also require new solutions for promoting teamwork, encouraging participation, connecting remote teams and easing the burden on project managers.

Risk, Innovation and Cobb’s Paradox

by David Hillson

Starting with the expectation that all projects should succeed is misguided because it hinders risk-taking and creativity. True innovation is built first on failure. Still, risk management has an important role to play in every project.

What's Going Down In Oredev?

by Dave Prior

Dave Prior chats with two organizers of one of his favorite gatherings — the Oredev Developer Conference, which is encouraging speakers and attendees to bring a rebellious spirit to this year’s event. The show offers abundant opportunities for interaction and spontaneity, including unusual non-IT sessions, lightning talks and dinner dialogues, late-night hacking, and even sauna/ocean swimming. [19 min.]

The Insurgent Strategy

by David Schmaltz

Processes are merely metastasized intentions. To get many projects done, we judiciously work around executive oversight. We work the system so the system can work. And this reality, often unspoken, also applies to convening a PM training workshop that goes beyond passively memorizing someone else’s technical knowledge.

How Innovation Actually Works

by Edward Hess

Most organizations are focused on operational excellence, which requires a strict adherence to low-variance execution. This often hinders innovation and the ability to experiment and explore new ideas. But the real problem is a basic misunderstanding about how execution, efficiency and innovation actually work.

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"Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it is time to reform."

- Mark Twain