Project Management


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When Lean Is Mean

by Ty Kiisel

Everyone in the workforce is being asked to do more with less, and project teams are no exception. But down the line there is a hefty price to pay when people don’t feel adequately valued for their contributions or see opportunities to grow. A talent exodus is on the horizon for the worst offenders.

Mastering the Unpredictable

by John D'Entremont

There is a push for a more flexible, dynamic approach to supporting knowledge work through technology. Software architect and author Keith Swenson is a leading advocate of adaptive case management, which recognizes the creative, unpredictable nature of knowledge work. He shares his thoughts on the concept.

Recipe for Product Innovation

by Andrew Dolvig

Changing an iconic product can be perilous. Think New Coke. But sometimes change is necessary. From assessing the business case to implementation, here is a look at how a manufacturing giant used a fundamental project management approach to minimize risk when it sought to modify its most popular products.

PM History Lessons: The Jeep

by Paul Bruno

In the summer of 1940, with Germany winning the war in Europe and Japan rising in Asia, the U.S. Army initiated a procurement of a revolutionary vehicle prototype that would help win World War II and endure for 70 years — a project which has lessons to teach us today.

Breaking Good

by Timm Esque/T. Michael Porter

There are times when meeting existing performance standards just won’t be enough — when circumstances call for extraordinary results in order to avoid failure. Breakthrough performance requires teams to get creative, to step out of their comfort zone and let go of past methods and tools. Once again, trust plays a major role.

PM Space Invaders

by Ty Kiisel

Gamification of project management practices can potentially do two things better than traditional approaches: engage teams by making tasks fun and improve performance by recognizing achievement on a regular basis. Skeptics abound, but shouldn’t we embrace gaming tactics that work? It's not such an alien concept anymore.

Enter Kanban

by Eric Willeke

What is Kanban and how can it help you deliver high-quality, on-time projects that meet or exceed expectations with minimal overhead? In this new series, we explore these questions, starting with an overview of the Kanban framework and the application of its principles in a project environment.

Full-Integration Product Design

by Tim J. Morton

As products become increasingly complex, design teams must integrate a wide range of expertise throughout the development process. This offers new opportunities for innovation while helping to carry the vision all the way through to production and curtailing late compromises.

PPM to Play Key Role in the Cloud

by ProjectsAtWork

By adopting PPM solutions, organizations will be positioned to manage successful cloud initiatives, increase business agility and innovation, and provide visibility and control over their cloud services portfolio, a global survey concludes.

The Daily Grind

by John D'Entremont

If work is a daily grind, it doesn’t matter how talented teams are, they eventually burn out and move on. Leen Zevenbergen, CEO of a public IT firm, believes too many leaders fail to foster creative, enjoyable workplaces. Here, he elaborates on his philosophy and ideas for making it real.

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"Time is an illusion, lunchtime doubly so."

- Douglas Adams