Project Management


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Get Some Perspective

by Lisa Earle McLeod

The way we frame our project issues can limit our ability to solve them. But innovative thinking is not just about creativity. It’s about harnessing good ideas that solve specific problems for a specific opportunity. Here are three strategies to make innovation a more repeatable, predictable process on your projects.

Build An Idea Pipeline

by Neil Stolovitsky

Does your organization have the right processes in place to support the next great idea? Once an evaluation and selection framework is in place, aligning an “idea pipeline” with the project portfolio is crucial. Otherwise, your next star project might not even get a chance to soar doomed or less-promising initiatives drain resources.

Game Mechanics and Projects

by Abid Mustafa

Game mechanics can be applied to the discipline of project management, both as a motivational and training aid. By making project work more enjoyable through real-time recognition and rewards, gamification can also improve team productivity and individual performance.

Healthy Workforce, Healthy Projects

by Janis Rizzuto

Want to improve your project and program success rates? Work on the work environment first. An organizational psychologist explains why you need to care about employee wellness and how to get started.

Take the Long View

by Janis Rizzuto

Shortsightedness can shortchange your organization on the benefits of project portfolio management. A top PPM analyst shares best practices on how to embrace the big picture and how evolving PPM tools can help.

Gartner PPM Summit

by Janis Rizzuto

The research analyst's PPM and IT Governance Summit in June will feature new research, new ways to embrace change, a keynote presentation from Tom Peters, and a case study on social media as a PM tool, among other highlights.

An Agile Gathering

by Janis Rizzuto

An event celebrating the 10-year-anniversary of the Agile Manifesto brought together 33 members of the agile community and sparked discussion about what agile has solved, what is unsolvable and what remains to be solved. Here, we talk to attendee Ryan Martens, CTO of Rally, about some of his and the group’s conclusions.

CXO Corner

by Sainath Nagarajan

First, you must understand want you want to be as a company, and why your customers come to you. Then link your organization’s goals and priorities with those customer goals. Steven Rodin, chief executive officer of Storagepipe, explains what strategic focus means to him, and how he balances it with innovation.

It’s All About Connection

by [email protected]

A new book dives deep into organizational networks, showing how leading companies are shifting their focus from formal structures to flexible networks that improve collaboration, teamwork and innovation. Here is an excerpt detailing the steps that VeriSign took to build a more engaged, connected community of engineers and project managers.

CXO Corner

by Sainath Nagarajan, PMP

Stephen Brobst, chief technology officer of Teradata, tells us how he goes about establishing a culture of innovative technology leadership, including why he doesn’t hire based on a particular skill set.

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