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Project Speed


A student engineering team at Delft University of Technology built the world’s fastest electric car with help from requirements management software that improved collaboration, resulting in faster decision-making and information-sharing. The team met all its initial design goals and delivered the record-setting vehicle on time.

Estimate Before, During, After

by Lawrence Putnam Jr

A common misperception is that an estimator’s job is done after a project’s parameters are set. On the contrary, estimation should be conducted throughout the project lifecycle to reflect inevitable changes and to improve estimates on other projects. Here are three ways to maximize estimating efforts — before, during and after your project is complete.

Why A Digital PM Summit?

by Dave Prior

Brett Harned talks about the emerging community of digital project managers and the upcoming Digital PM Summit, which provides a forum for these highly visual, creative people who don’t necessarily have a project management background but are seeking ways to better manage budgets, schedules, teams and clients. [15:00]

The Occasional PM, Pt. 2

by Robert Wysocki and Joseph Matthews

The Occasional Project Manager must first determine the type of project they are managing in order to choose the best approach. In part two of our series, we look at three types of projects that OPMs are most likely to encounter, and the unique challenges each presents.

The Occasional Project Manager

by Robert Wysocki and Joseph Matthews

In this new series, we address the Occasional Project Manager, a professional found in thousands of organizations, working on a variety of initiatives with minimal guidance. A majority of OPMs have no interest in a project management career, which is why they need an adaptive framework that applies to their work realities.

CMMI, the Agile Way?

by Greg Pfister

Can you formalize your processes and still maintain an Agile culture? More specifically, can Agile principles coexist alongside a Capability Maturity Model Integration program? Here is how once organization has embraced both its CMMI journey and Agile ways to achieve new levels of success.

BI Tools + PM Teams

by Rick Moreau

Virtualization trends and social technologies have greatly changed the way today’s teams collaborate, generating volumes of unstructured data and new challenges in tracking and measuring project performance. But the rapid changes have also created new opportunities in the area of business intelligence that can improve analysis and visibility.

Where There’s a Wall, There’s a Way

by Bill Flury

A process isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on if it sits on a shelf while everyone does their own thing. For a process to offer value, it must be developed by the people applying it — and once consensus is reached, it should be posted, loud and proud, where it won’t gather dust.

A Deep Dive into PeopleSoft

by Kathy Martucci, PMP

When Enterprise Resource Planning became the next big thing, many organizations jumped in without fully investigating if it was right for them. Here is a deep dive into Oracle’s PeopleSoft, the quintessential ERP suite, from purchase decisions to planning and implementation, along with some helpful post-mortem lessons learned.

Better Brainstorming

by Vicki Wrona, PMP

Many project leaders and teams believe brainstorming is a waste of time and doesn’t produce meaningful results. Maybe they aren’t doing it right. A variation called reverse brainstorming can help, focusing on the quality over quantity of ideas. Here’s advice on achieving better outcomes from both techniques.

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"Technology is a gift of God. After the gift of life it is perhaps the greatest of God's gifts. It is the mother of civilizations, of arts and of sciences."

- Freeman Dyson



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