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A Piece of Work

by Ty Kiisel

Is it possible to create a work environment where individuals embrace a cooperative spirit, united on a personal level to realize a greater mission? Yes, but they need visibility into the purpose behind their work, and the ability to participate in its prioritization — to own a piece of it.

Leverage Those Lessons

by Wayne Thompson

The cost of not applying project lessons learned is significant. But how can busy project managers identify and share the right ones — and leverage them in a disciplined fashion? Mel Bost offers some insights, and explains the project curator role, in Part 2 of this PM War Stories conversation. [14 min.]

Looking Back to See Ahead


What are the six elements of an effective lessons learned process? Equally important, how do you instill a culture that recognizes the value of this critical mechanism for closing out projects and intelligently managing future ones? A PM War Stories conversation with PMO thought-leader Mel Bost. [13 min.]

Speaking the Same Language

by Craig Schuster, PMP

For global organizations with diverse workforces and clients, maintaining a consistent level of project management excellence requires a permanent commitment to training. IT infrastructure provider EMC teamed with PMI to launch a talent development program for its project managers.

Where Do Lessons Go to Die?

by Projects@Work

Although many organizations are adequately capturing lessons learned, they often struggle with learning and reusing them on current projects. A detailed analysis of the lessons-learned programs at three organizations uncovered these nine best practices that can help you and your team share and find all those lost lessons.

Project Fear and Denial

by Anthony Mersino

Why are we afraid to face the truth about project failures and how can we overcome it? For starters, we need to view failure as part of the learning process, a required step on the road to success.

How Social Should You Be?

by Neil Stolovitsky

Social media democratizes communication, but many project leaders are cautious about incorporating the technology into their efforts for fear of derailing carefully structured best practices. The key is taming social media’s sometimes chaotic tendencies while leveraging its many benefits.

It’s All About Connection

by Projects@Work

A new book dives deep into organizational networks, showing how leading companies are shifting their focus from formal structures to flexible networks that improve collaboration, teamwork and innovation. Here is an excerpt detailing the steps that VeriSign took to build a more engaged, connected community of engineers and project managers.

Project Networking

by Nick Andrews and Karl Boone

Social networking is becoming a powerful tool for savvy project managers, and leveraging social networking platforms can pay big dividends for your global project teams. Here are some considerations before adopting a social networking tool for your project, as well as an overview of some effective options to explore.

Turning Knowledge Into Value

by Projects@Work

Preliminary results from an ongoing research project suggest that it is not the experience and competence of individuals that matters most to project success; rather, it is the team members’ willingness to share and combine their knowledge.

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"Creative minds have always been known to survive any kind of bad training."

- Anna Freud



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