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A 10-Step Plan For Powerful Teams

by Dennis Smith

Many factors will influence an enterprise transformation to self-organized teams, from the willingness of project sponsors to the makeup of the overall portfolio. As such, there is no universal template for success, but here’s a 10-step framework to help design and manage the transition.

Best Supporting Roles

by Dennis Smith

Virtual workspaces, blogs, wikis and archives can become the lifeblood of larger self-organized project teams, for which all-inclusive, continuous information sharing is a founding principle. Meanwhile, the author recommends that email take a backseat on project communication.

Here's the Hub

by Dennis Smith

In high-performance organizations, a critical role is that of the hub -- an informal leader who connects the spokes of the project, from facilitating information-sharing, solving problems and working with resource pools and clients, to providing support to the project team.

Bygone Heroes

by Dennis Smith

'Heroic' leaders thrive on power and hierarchy. Their need to control can throttle communication and innovation on projects, frustrating teams and slowing progress. What drives heroic leaders, and what can be done about them?

The Death of Charts

by Dennis Smith

Successful project teams are built on communication. Unfortunately, many companies value the org chart over real-time access to information and resources. But if there is a better way--a networked model--to accomplish the mission, who cares where the leader sits?

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