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Lead With A Story


Better than a slide presentation, a good story can inspire and instruct. For project leaders, the ancient art of storytelling is a neglected tool for explaining initiatives and motivating teams. And if you’re not sure you’ve got a story to tell or the ability to tell it, here are nine tips for overcoming the biggest barriers to getting started.

The Influencing Formula

by Elizabeth Larson Rich Larson

Project managers may not have formal authority, but they can develop certain types of power and can use it to influence stakeholders, sponsors and other key players. This power relies on building trust, knowing what your talking about, and having the courage to recommend the right things.

Agile Attitude + Cohesion

by Dave Prior

Andrew Stellman and Jenny Greene (authors of Head First PMP and Beautiful Teams) discuss bridging the gap between traditional and Agile methods … why outstanding results depend on more than best practices … making decisions at the latest responsible moment … and their 2013 prep guide for PMI agile certification. [26:05]

Micromanaging vs. Coaching

by Nathan Jamail

Micromanaging is a tactic, not a leadership style, and every leader should understand the difference. Coaching skills come into play to ensure team members are on track and ready to win, whereas micromanaging activities are used to address poor performance and take corrective actions.

To Teach A PM: Dancing Bears

by David Schmaltz

For any subject as personal as project management, it might make more sense to teach with mouth shut and to learn with mind open. Few experiences are more reassuring than discovering some universal principle for yourself and applying it to your project world. The Five-Minute Project Plan is an example.

Comparative Agility

by Dave Prior

The conversation continues with Agile trainer and author Kenny Rubin: his thoughts on the state of the Scrum Alliance … why ScrumMaster certification is only a start … his ongoing comparative survey project with Mike Cohn … embracing Agile across the value chain … and more. [19:00]

The Dedication Test

by David Schmaltz

Any training workshop hoping to better inform project practitioners or their executives should not be limited to easily digestible facts. Instead, it should encourage attendees to determine what it really is that they are pursuing. This upfront challenge may not satisfy everyone in the beginning, but it could delight them by the end.

The Insurgent Strategy

by David Schmaltz

Processes are merely metastasized intentions. To get many projects done, we judiciously work around executive oversight. We work the system so the system can work. And this reality, often unspoken, also applies to convening a PM training workshop that goes beyond passively memorizing someone else’s technical knowledge.

Managing High/Low Performers

by Dr. Marty Martin

When it comes to getting more from your individual team members, it is far more effective (and rewarding) to leverage strengths rather than focusing on weaknesses. But how do you identify people who have the potential to be higher performers in the future? And what about chronic low performers?

Agile Launches

by ProjectsAtWork

New site is a partnership with Scrum Alliance, offering members job-posting and resume services.

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"Nothing so needs reforming as other people's habits."

- Mark Twain