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Let The Games Begin

by Karen Klein

Rather than the traditional lecture format of training, the simulation approach is based on a hands-on, competitive situation similar to a board game. Divided up into project teams and given a complicated IT project, then hit with typical management curveballs, participants converse, make decisions, and learn about project management by doing.

A Project Manager's 'Recovery' Program

by Thomas Fruman

Project managers lament a fundamental dilemma: a high degree of accountability and a low-level of authority. When things go well, others get most of the credit. But when a project fails, the finger gets pointed … at you. To confront this professional reality, and make the best of it, the author offers his own 12-step recovery program.

Ready, Aim, Hire

by Pierre Monacelli

The success or failure of tomorrow's projects will depend greatly on finding the right people today to manage them. When interviewing candidates, look closely at these 10 areas of qualification. While time consuming, hiring "tough" is an essential upfront process that pays off, again and again.

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"Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names."

- John F. Kennedy



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