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Develop the Middle

Thuy and Milo Sindell

Are you wasting time and energy trying to improve your weaknesses as a leader? Are you asking others to do the same in performance reviews? Instead, focus on “middle skills” — the abilities between weaknesses and strengths that are our most underdeveloped resource for long-term professional development and growth.

Prepare to Pitch

by Tim Kress

For project managers to advance into senior-level, strategic roles, they must call on their relationships, experience and expertise to actively identify opportunities that can benefit the business. Equally important, they must be able to “sell” these ideas by connecting them to the organization’s priorities, competencies and values.

5 Skills PMs Must Improve


A new benchmark study identifies the top five challenges for project managers and finds that they are all related to organizational issues, including managing benefits realization, planning strategically, championing and managing change, managing project risks, and communicating.

The ‘Don’t Know’ Mindset

by Dave Prior

Here’s a short but far-ranging conversation with Mike Cohn, whose opening keynote at this week’s Scrum Gathering made a persuasive case for open-mindedness. By being willing to admit we’re wrong and avoiding loyalty to any one brand of Agile, Cohn says we’re much more likely to discover good ideas. [14 min.]

Bottling Abundant Greatness

by Dave Prior

Culture hacker Jim McCarthy revisits his breakthrough work with software teams at Microsoft in the 1990s, and then shares his passion for collaborative creation, which doesn’t require “permission from above” — it’s about safely sharing and wholehearted “self-caring.” [31 min.]

Agile Jesters, Magicians & Clowns

by Dave Prior

Continuous improvement is serious work but it doesn’t have to be a somber affair. Scrum trainer Adam Weisbart uses comedy techniques and games to improve retrospectives and help teams find solutions to challenges. He also talks about the value of keeping a daily journal. [23 min.]

5 Skills to Lead Strategic Work

by Cornelius Fichtner, PMP

Strategic initiative management requires leaders who bring five critical competencies to the role, from relationship-building to good decision-making. Here, Jack Ferraro discusses each of these skills, and why it is more important than ever to develop them and position yourself as an effective strategic initiative leader. [30 min.]

Scrum Gathering Preview

by Dave Prior

Next month’s Global Scrum Gathering in Phoenix promises to engage attendees like never before, according to co-chair Stephen Forte, including PechaKucha-style presentations, Ignite talks by attendees, coaches clinics, open spaces, and keynotes by agile luminaries Jim McCarthy and Mike Cohn. [11:27]

Find the Hidden Leader

by Scott Edinger and Laurie Sain

How does an organization ensure that its corporate culture recognizes, supports and enables high integrity? An important step is to identify the “hidden” leaders who help facilitate solutions on project and programs. Here are some examples of how they can be found.

Reverb Your Enthusiasm

by Hendrie Weisinger

Team enthusiasm reduces pressure to perform and transforms it into a desire to succeed. But enthusiasm can be difficult to sustain on long-term projects that run into roadblocks. In part three of our series on managing pressure, we look at ways to nurture and maintain enthusiasm on your projects.

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"Bad artists copy. Good artists steal."

- Pablo Picasso