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Create Micro-Success

by Hendrie Weisinger

By creating attainable goals early in a project and celebrating these small wins, leaders reduce pressure on themselves and their teams. They also build confidence and morale, which helps develop the tenacity to overcome future obstacles and achieve bigger victories down the line.

Managing Project Pressure

by Hendrie Weisinger

Here’s a professional development path that all project managers should explore: learn how to manage pressure. It will make it easier for you to deliver your best work when it matters most. In this new series, we begin with using positive expectations to kick off a new project.

Scrum Alliance Launches Training Program


The new Added Qualifications certificate-based program will provide training in more advanced, business-critical topics, starting with Scaling Scrum Fundamentals.

The New PM On the Block

by Andy Jordan

No matter how much experience they have, project and program managers are constantly starting over — with new organizations, new clients and new team members. Since you only get one chance to make a first impression, here are tips to make sure it's a good one.

A PM’s New Year’s Resolutions

by Dave Prior

Steve Winters, a project manager at digital agency Metal Toad, discusses his plans for improvement in the New Year, which include meditation and are geared toward creating a healthier separation between the workspace and and his personal life. [13:00]

The Crack of the WIP

by Dave Prior

We're all trying to do so much at once that we're not getting to a deeper understanding of what's actually going on. Personal Kanban thought leader Jim Benson is back to discuss this capacity issue, known as Work In Progress (WIP), and why we need better ways of identifying its impact on our projects. [10:50]

Lead Like It Matters

by Roxi Bahar Hewertson

Whether cutting wasteful meetings, addressing conflict, or better aligning decisions with business needs, every decision a leader makes will have ramifications. It is approach, attitude and skills that will determine if those choices are helpful or a hindrance. Here are four ways that you can create a positive ripple effect.

What It Takes to Lead


Leaders are made, not born. Here, leadership development expert Al Bolea discusses the two crucial “gateways” into leadership mastery … the importance of aligning your message and performance metrics … and the problem of “serial reorganizers” who create “zombie syndrome.”

Help Wanted: Digital PM

by Carol Ann Willhite

A timely research report identifies the professional skills, experience and education levels that employers are seeking in digital project manager candidates — a rapidly growing role in web-centric organizations ranging from advertising agencies to software developers.

Phoenix Rising: Tales from PMI Global Congress 2014

by Andy Jordan

There were sessions galore, knowledge from all corners of the globe and vital in-person networking opportunities. There were also peanut butter cups, free pins and an unexpected emergency that prompted efforts illustrating disaster recovery at its finest. Take a trip back to the 2014 PMI Global Congress--and take away more valuable lessons from a PM who was in the heart of it all.

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