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Kanban Your Projects, Pt. 3

by Dave Prior

“Personal Kanban” co-author Jim Benson resumes the conversation with The Reluctant Agilist, including why a personal process is symbiotic with business needs … the nature of interruptions and incentives … overcoming blindsides and biases ... and the concept of “the dominant task.” (He also cautions against becoming pathological about the whole thing.) [24:30]

3 Productivity Hacks for PMs

by Andrew Makar, PMP

As project leaders and practitioners, we should always be looking for better approaches and techniques to improve our productivity. Here are two “hacks” designed to streamline your email system, and a third to prioritize your daily task list.

5 PM Trends to Jump On in 2014

by Chance Reichel

Project management continues to be an ever-changing dynamic, influenced by technology, globalization and lessons learned from past and current practices. Here are five important trends that successful organizations are incorporating into their project management practices.

Salaries, Demand Strong for PMs


Project management remains a strong career option, according to Project Management Institute’s latest salary survey, which shows rising pay and high demand for project managers.

Battle Burnout

by Erick Lauber, Ph.D.

There are six fundamental reasons (besides money) that most people enjoy their work. If you are feeling run down or disinterested in your job, consider if any or many of these key motivators are missing, and then resolve to do something about it in the New Year!

Building Project Communities

by ESI International

How are organizations building and developing their project communities? A new survey of more than 1,800 project managers sheds light on the hiring, training and promotion of project managers across 13 industries in the public and private sectors.

Get the Balance Right

by Vincent McGevna

What does it take to be a good project manager? Many believe the ability to plan and manage scope, schedule and budget can be applied to any project. Others believe that domain experience is more important. Some say both take a back seat to soft skills. But it’s not an either/or debate. It’s a balance that must be built.

Digital PMs Unite!

by Dave Prior

The Digital PM Summit will bring together project management professionals in the digital media space to network, learn from one another, and collaboratively improve their approach to helping work get done. Here, conference organizer Brett Harned talks about the impetus for the conference, why it’s important, and what attendees should get out of it. [9:00]

Agile Community Builder

by Dave Prior

Scrum thought leader, author and trainer Mike Vizdos discusses what he is doing with collaborative co-working environments … the ongoing struggle to bring Agile to large enterprises … and a bunch of related side projects spanning Lean Startup, job boards and publishing. [27:00]

Personal Kanban With Johanna Rothman

by Dave Prior

A far-ranging discussion with project management author and consultant Johanna Rothman, who recently wrote a series of articles on Personal Kanban. Here, she describes a “normal” work day, “acceptable” workspace waste, and the commitments we make to ourselves and others, among other interesting ideas. [40:40]

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