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Personal Kanban Saved My Life

by Dave Prior

Marcello Scacchetti says Personal Kanban saved his professional and personal life. In this interview, he discusses his approach to managing various projects, including value stream mapping, using joy as a metric, and a tool he has developed and made available to others.

A Personal Kanban Practice

by Dave Prior

Agile project leader Don Kim discusses his personal Kanban practice, including how he stays focused on critical tasks, tools he uses for long-term planning, and working with others who prefer gantt charts and other traditional PM techniques. He also shares some thoughts about the "reboot" of Kanban. [30:00]

Develop Agile Coaching

by Ben Linders

Good coaching can address the challenges many organizations face when adopting Agile ways of working, including Scrum implementation. Sometimes that means hiring an experienced coach from the outside; sometimes coaching skills can be developed from within the workforce. There are a number of resources to help.

Be the Change

by Adriana Beal

Are you being slighted by project team members and stakeholders? Are your ideas ignored or credited to others? Don’t waste any more time and energy complaining — take these three steps to turn the situation around, elevate your role, and become an influencer in your workplace.

Pulse of the PM Profession


New global survey from PMI finds organizations risk $135 million for every billion spent on projects due to deficient project and program management practices, including lack of formal training, standardization and strategic alignment.

4 Keys to Peer Leadership

by Kevin E. O'Connor

When you are charged with leading a team of your peers or former peers, the right combination of resources makes all the difference. The following techniques — which incorporate personality, encouragement, engagement and feedback — should be at the core of every peer leader's approach.

When the PMP Exam Changes…

by Cornelius Fichtner, PMP

In less than five months, PMI’s Project Management Professional (PMP) exam will be revised to align with the recently released fifth edition of the PMBOK Guide. Whether you are taking the exam before or after this change takes effect on July 31, here are some things you should consider.

Agile 101: PMI-ACP Exam

by Cornelius Fichtner, PMP

If you use Agile tools and techniques on your projects, or your organization is implementing an Agile approach, then becoming a PMI Agile Certified Practitioner could be an important step in your professional development. But first, make sure you understand the eligibility requirements, application process, and what to expect when sitting for the exam.

6 Crucial Competencies for Today’s PMs, BAs

by Andrea Brockmeier Elizabeth Larson Rich Larson

Organizations need project leaders and business analysts who possess behavioral-oriented competency skills, particulary in the areas of critical thinking, persuasion, social collaboration and conflict management.

Independence Day

by Andy Jordan

A significant part of project leadership is providing meaningful opportunities to team members to develop and demonstrate their full potential. But it can be a challenge to balance the need to focus on the work at hand with their desire to pursue new roles and responsibilities. A presentation to stakeholders is a good place to start.

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