Project Management


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The Right Risk Tool

by David Hillson

When considering a risk management tool, a number of factors should be considered, from cost to functionality to customization. Here is some guidance on choosing the right risk tool for your needs.

You've Got Issues

by Andrew Davis

Communicating problems to stakeholders is a tricky task for project managers. Calling attention to every issue can annoy them and even destroy their confidence in you and the team. Letting a critical issue slide can be worse. The key is to prioritize and take ownership of the resolutions.

The IKEA Approach to Risk

by David Hillson

Would managing risk be easier and more effective if we adopted the IKEA approach to documenting the risk process, using fewer words, clear illustrations and simple tools?

An Agile Risk Approach

by John D'Entremont

Any project can run into unforeseen risks. Managing these risks can take some time, but it is well spent. An Agile approach can help because the tenets of risk management are already built into the process. Here are some tips and considerations.

7 Steps to Monte Carlo

by David Hillson

Applying Monte Carlo methods to risk analysis does not need to be complex, and it should not be feared or avoided. Following these seven simple steps can help ensure robust and realistic modelling, and allow you to gain the benefits of this powerful technique.

Project Red

by [email protected]

When faced with a disaster, project managers must become recovery managers. Here, a turnaround specialist shares seven tips for turning around troubled projects, starting with realizing there is a problem and concluding with ways to prevent future disasters.

Better Risk Management


Projects with multiple components require individuals with different roles to manage or, at least, consider risk issues. Too often, that means ad hoc, reactive approaches with little accountability, connection or visibility. Technology can help organizations do a better job. Here, Deltek's Chris Bell and ProjectsAtWork contributor Andy Jordan discuss. [15 min.]

How Mature Is Your Risk Capability?

by David Hillson

How can an organization tell whether its management of risk is good enough? This framework describes four levels of capability based on four attributes: culture, process, experience and application.

Project Fear and Denial

by Anthony Mersino

Why are we afraid to face the truth about project failures and how can we overcome it? For starters, we need to view failure as part of the learning process, a required step on the road to success.

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"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man."

- George Bernard Shaw