Project Management


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Changes To Your Schedule

by Susan Snedaker

In the second installment of our Managing Project Change series, the author focuses on changes to schedule, discussing the possibility that they bring new opportunities; the difference between response and reaction; and the drawbacks of ‘fast tracking’ and ‘crashing.’

Not According to Plan

by Susan Snedaker

In this new series on Managing Project Change, a veteran project leader discusses how to deal with change so that it doesn’t derail your project. Change can be good, bad or something in between. Here, she outlines the four primary choices for responding to it.

(L)earned Value

by Janis Rizzuto

In the second of our three-part series on earned value management, experienced practitioners share some trends, best practices and pitfalls. Plus, profiles of two successful EVM applications in the public and private sector.

Piloting Your Project

by Ray Stratton

There are significant parallels between flying a plane and managing a project. Here, an experienced pilot and project manager shares 16 guiding principles from the cockpit that just might help you make the shift from passenger to pilot on your next project. Ready for takeoff?

The Risk in Risk Management

by Tom R. Westcott, PMP

Too many project managers negate the value of risk management by separating their risk tools and processes from the rest of the project. Here is a practical approach for building realistic risk plans and budgets, integrating them into your project plan, and reducing the probability that management will slash it.

The Sum Of The Parts

by Thomas Fruman

In the end, a successful project is built on delivering the right parts at the right time. Everything else is about planning, negotiating and executing the “parts-delivery” plan, which is created by defining — and assigning responsibility for — every component of the desired outcome.

Adoption Papers

by Aaron Smith

Organizations that buy a technology solution also must "buy in" to a methodology to implement it. And though the solution's features and cost receive the upfront attention in the selection process, it is the implementation that will largely impact end-user satisfaction, ROI and benefits realization.

The Vision Thing

by Melanie Cullen

To lead a project team through the unknown, you must create a common vision, a "blueprint of success" that is crafted, communicated and updated to reflect current reality.

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