Project Management


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What’s Wrong with the Plan?

Sriram Narayan

Top agile organizations favor a product-centric model of execution over a project-centric model. They chase value instead of predictability. Let’s look at what’s wrong with plan-driven projects, and why it’s better to organize your efforts along business capabilities, supporting capability teams instead of project teams.

Too Much Wasted Time


A global study finds that companies without tech-driven productivity strategies are suffering from inefficient process and duplicated efforts, and feeling the effects in customer satisfaction and employee retention.

Benefits Realization Thought Guide

by Andy Jordan

Does your organization have a process for ensuring that a strategic initiative's desired outcomes are thoroughly understood and achievable? This two-page document helps to structure thinking around identifying, quantifying and validating the benefits of a proposed project. By discussing and answering these questions, you will address the key areas of strategic alignment, analysis and accountability.

Portfolio Change Control

by Andy Jordan

Change at the portfolio level involves complex decisions and greater risk. It is challenging enough without the burden of unnecessary churn that disrupts legitimate change. Here’s a look at what drives portfolio change, and ways to minimize churn, from the planning cycle to ongoing communication and visibility.

PMO Business Planning Template

by Andy Jordan

This business planning template can help PMOs align future work with organizational goals, the first step in ensuring that they contribute to business success. Use it to guide the process of identifying key executives and sponsors, defining and prioritizing goals, and creating measurable and realistic objectives to achieve them.

Full-Circle Estimating

by Doug Putnam & Taylor Putnam-Majarian

While creating estimates is a fundamental step toward improving productivity on software development projects, it is not enough. Here is a full-circle model that organizations can apply to track actual performance against estimates, reforecast when significant changes occur, and then continually refine the process through post-mortem assessment.

Drive Benefits Realization

by Andy Jordan

Successful projects deliver value; they benefit their organizations. But many organizations bring a haphazard approach to benefits realization, from unrealistic business cases to short-sighted decisions during execution to a stunning lack of post-delivery accountability. Let's take a look at these issues, and what can be done about them.

Analytics Project Framework

PREMIUM deliverable
by Adriana Beal

The rise of big data and analytics can greatly improve an organization’s decision making, from programs and portfolios to products and processes. Here is a comprehensive checklist to help PMOs develop a framework for structuring large analytics projects, ensuring they deliver the desired business insights and impact.

Project Authorization Process


Many things can change in the time between a project's approval and its actual start date. That's why we should include a final authorization step before any project kicks off. Here is a checklist of questions to help validate six critical areas of the project based on the most current information.

Are Projects Really ‘Unique’?

by Dan Patterson

Have we got the formal definition of a project completely right? A finite start and finish, sure. But approaching each project as a “unique endeavor” can lead us to overlook opportunities to capture, reuse and benefit from prior knowledge, experiences and lessons learned. We need to better connect our closing phases with upfront planning.

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