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Strategic Initiatives: Big-Picture Guide


This document helps leaders of strategic initiatives to realize benefits, work with stakeholders and teams, and align efforts with the portfolio and business objectives. It is not a tactical checklist but a “thinking prompt” for considering relevant items during project background, initiation/planning, execution and handoff. Refer to it on a regular basis as issues arise and circumstances change.

Lead and Get Out of the Way

by Bart Gerardi

Leaders in an agile organization serve their teams, not the other way around. They are committed to developing and supporting team members. They listen, trust and get out of the way — always in the name of creating greater value. Here’s how it looks and works in the trenches.

Designs on Transformation

by Parker Lee

Organizations that seek transformation and innovation go beyond top-down, analytical methods and incorporate the lessons of design thinking, humanistic management and systems theory. Here are seven principles that can dramatically improve how your organization develops products, services and processes.

3 Keys to Resource Management

by Tushar Patel

Successful resource management starts with instilling processes that balance workloads and match skillsets. It also requires the ability to adapt to shifting demands and priorities. And it’s all tied together by communication of real-time data. How well is your organization implementing these principles?

PMOs: From Strategic Alignment to Simplicity

by Sarina Arcari

PMI's PMO Symposium and Thought Leadership Series provide valuable, timely and relevant information on prevailing trends directly impacting our profession and the portfolios we manage. This year’s research builds upon and advances the themes of past years and continues to confirm the value of PMOs and portfolio management in assuring business success. Here are one presenter's key takeaways from this year's show.

The Power of Project Portfolio Management

by Jennifer Baker

While one energy company pursues the traditional benchmarking sessions with companies within the industry it serves, it also looks to companies outside of the business to gain insight on different approaches to help it move forward. At PMI's PMO Symposium this year in Phoenix, one practitioner got to share their story--and hear how many other PMOs and portfolios have also found success in their environments.

Keeping Portfolio Management Simple

by Wanda Curlee

As a core team member who helped develop the Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP)® certification, this writer was eager to see the certification blossom. What better way than to attend PMI's PMO Symposium and speak about the merits of the certification--and more importantly, portfolio management?

The Agile Executive

by Bart Gerardi

Leaders in agile organizations trade command and control for flexibility and freedom. They communicate the vision for a product or change, and then allow teams to figure out how to deliver the best outcome, removing barriers to success along the way.

The Power of PPM


Project Management Institute has launched its 2015 thought leadership series on project portfolio management, focusing on the benefits of the discipline and the challenges that organizations face in aligning projects and programs to strategy.

Scrumban Beyond Teams

by Ajay Reddy

The principles and practices of Scrumban can go beyond helping teams improve performance. Here are four levels that Scrumban can be employed, from teams and departments to programs and portfolios. This understanding can be a starting point for its adoption across the entire organization.

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