Project Management


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Sticks & Stones


Some organizations have the latest and greatest software for prioritizing projects; some don’t. A project management veteran who helped start her credit card company’s PMO from scratch shares her experiences in meeting the challenges. [8 min.]

PPM at Miller Brewing


When you're close to a project, it can be difficult to objectively gauge the strategic impact and risks involved. Miller Brewing Co.'s director of strategic projects shares her insights on setting project priorities and building the business case justification. The challenge is to clearly define the quantifiable benefits while also recognizing the qualitative or soft benefits. [7 min., 30 sec.]



Two seasoned project management professionals share their real-world insights on 1) how to create a project management office to develop and instill a consistent project management approach, and 2) the role of project portfolio management in maintaining a successful PMO. [17 min.]

PM Training Vendor Evaluation Tool


The Project Management Training Vendor Evaluation tool has been developed to support organizations in evaluating and selecting training solutions that are appropriate for their organization. The tool provides a comprehensive a set of dimensions that represent the criteria that organizations should take into consideration when selecting a project management training provider, or a specific training program offering. The tool is particularly useful when using a competitive process to select a candidate organization or training program. The tool has been structured to support identifying your requirements in preparing an RFP or other form of bid package, and defining the evaluation criteria you will use to assess the received proposals. It can be used by a single person or by an evaluation team, depending upon your specific needs.

Reality ROI


No project can ignore the bottom line. But watching the bottom line and actually seeing it are two different things. Even the best-intentioned analysis can produce inaccurate ROI data, leading to ill-fated decisions. Most ROI estimates are doomed by unsound and undisciplined processes. These five principles can improve your ROI aim. [3 min., 26 sec.]

Learn Your Lesson

by John Casey, PMP

Does your organization do a good job capturing and leveraging lessons learned on its projects? If not, perhaps responsibility for this crucial practice should be shifted from occupied project managers and teams to a full-time knowledge management coordinator inside the PMO.

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"The creator of the universe works in mysterious ways. But he uses a base ten counting system and likes round numbers."

- Scott Adams