Project Management


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Stakeholder Assessment Checklist


The success or failure of most strategic initiatives can be directly linked to its stakeholders. These are the influencers and decision-makers who have organizational authority to allocate resources, set priorities and drive change. Here is a comprehensive checklist to assess their commitment, capability and communication.

Projects Need Benefits ID


Organizations are wasting money on projects and missing major opportunities to add strategic value because they lack a formal, focused approach to benefits management, according to a new study from Project Management Institute.

Design Thinking + Agile

by Bob Tarne, PMP

Agile and Design Thinking, two leading trends in project management, follow an iterative approach and emphasize the importance of the team. But it is their differences that offer great potential when combined as complementary tools for complex problem-solving, customer interaction and value delivery.

It Starts (and Ends) at the Top

by Andy Jordan

Project leadership at the executive level too often ends at selection and approval. Leaders must remain present during execution, guiding strategic alignment, championing objectives and goals, and driving decision-making when change requires it. Is your organization set up for project success, starting at the top?

The Product Management Leader

by Rich Mironov

Product management leaders must create an environment in which their teams can succeed. That includes attention to organizational design, behavior modification, and relentless focus on the most important projects. Here are seven ideas for creating conditions that can unleash outstanding product and technical work.

Product Management Leadership Checklist


Product management leaders establish the broader context for building great products and services through a combination of processes, trust-building, hiring, mentoring and cross-functional communication. Here is a seven-point strategic framework for creating conditions that can unleash great product and technical work.

HR By the Numbers

by Kathleen Ryan O'Connor

The ability to recruit and retain a motivated, competitive workforce can make or break a business. And it’s difficult no matter the economic conditions. Recession? Uncertainty kills productivity. Boom times? Watch as talented workers walk for better offers. Can predictive analytics help?

The Power of Habit (and Reward)


When an organization undertakes a change initiative there is almost always resistance. Individuals and groups have ways of working — comfort zones — that are threatened by the uncertainty of “the new.” Most people need to see “the reward” in shedding a stale routine. Here is what change leaders need to understand to help.

Project Waste Up 12%


Organizations waste an average of $122 million per $1 billion spent on projects, according to the latest Pulse of the Profession report from Project Management Institute. The findings demonstrate the need for stronger implementation of project, program and portfolio management practices.

Top PM Trends in 2016


Organizations that want to innovate and stay ahead of the competition must balance discipline with agility, broaden the strategic role of project managers, and teach change management skills, according to a new report that identifies the key project management trends for 2016.

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