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Visual Basic Standards


Are you lucky enough to keep team members for the entire project? If not, utilizing standards in coding, such as these, will help speed up the integration of new team members along the course of the project.

Video Delivery: Comparative Analysis


How would you show the client your analysis of a necessary technology? This report analyzes and compares video delivery systems and multimedia architectures for a website, using straightforward language and a clear recommendation.

Test Design Guidelines


How do you develop a good test case? This example spells out system test case specifications.

Test Sign-Off Form


Has your system been properly tested by phase (unit, integration, user acceptance), and do you have the formal sign-off of approval to proceed?

Test Specification Form


How will a system procedure be tested? This form will help you define, order and track your test procedures and expected test results.

Getting the Most Out of Your Online Presence Presentation

PREMIUM presentation

Want to make an impact on a client? Use this presentation to show clients how you could improve their websites to bring in more traffic and revenue. Plug in the salient facts and add a screen shot or two, and you are in business.

System Analysis Progress Presentation


Does your client know how far along in the project you are? Take a cue from this presentation to let the client understand your progress as well as your and his next step.


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"Enjoy yourself. It's later than you think."

- Chinese Proverb



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