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Integration Test Plan Outline


Here is a solid outline of a plan for testing individual development components in context with the overall system.

Project Risk Assessment


Do you need to put together a high-level risk assessment? Here's an example that will not only itemize the project risks, but will help you quantify them before you begin your development cycle.

Caveat Contractor

by Erin DeCaprio

From time to time, subcontractors come in handy--to fill out your team or to fulfill contract requirements. But, beware: A bad subcontractor can do way more harm than good.

Surviving NASDAQ

by Vijay Sankaran

The market's in an uproar, and tech companies are more unstable than ever. How do you know if your BI tool vendor will still be in business when you really need it?

Project Manager or Indentured Servant?

by Paula Weber

Abraham Lincoln did away with slavery in the United States in 1863, so why are some project managers all but sold at auction? Here's one woman's story of a year in virtual chains and the lessons that have set her free at last.

Team Stats

by Andre Leclerc

The "geeks" are getting off the bench and scoring big in the world of all-star project teams.

Project Management Central

Okay--here's your chance to spill your guts--everything you ever wanted to know about project management but were afraid to ask.

You're Worth Your Weight in Gold

by Capers Jones

Here's some real affirmation for you. When it comes to preserving your ROI, the power is in your capable hands. Capers Jones has outlined why the success of IT projects--especially big IT projects--depends not only on project management tools, but on the quality of the project managers themselves. Remind someone who needs reminding, or frame it for your office.

Building Your Dream Team

by Vijay Sankaran

BI isn't an official Olympic event (yet), but if you want to go for the gold on your next project, you're going to need some world-class players.


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