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System Analysis Progress Presentation


Does your client know how far along in the project you are? Take a cue from this presentation to let the client understand your progress as well as your and his next step.

Extranet Project Plan

PREMIUM project plan

Here is an example of a complete web site development project plan, from Requirements Planning (Discovery) through Deployment.

GUI Design Standards


The key to making your application usable is a standardized, well-designed graphical user interface (GUI). This example defines GUI design standards and guidelines for an application built with Oracle Forms 5.0.

Design Process Checkpoints


Does your project team and your client know what the project milestones should look like? Describe the progressive milestones and their relationship to the rest of the project, as in this example of the design phase of an application development project.

ORACLE Coding Standards


Your Oracle code may do the job, but is it intelligible? Reusable? Use these standards to make coding simpler and easier to debug, which results in quicker programming for your team and the gift of reusability for future teams.

Test Schedule


Weak links in your testing could mean project failure. Make sure you know what to test and when.


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