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What Does Success Look Like?

by Andy Jordan

The most important question that should be asked before a project is approved is rarely considered. That’s an issue we need to address—that we tend to think of projects as solutions to specific problems.

How to Celebrate PM Success

by Bruce Harpham

It’s time to reflect and celebrate on all we have achieved this year. Take note, ambitious project managers: If are you focused on achieving your goals and tasks, you may neglect to celebrate your success. Here’s why that's a problem…

Quality Checklist Template

by Elok Robert Tee

This package contains (1) a Quality Checklist template in Excel along with (2) instructions in Word. The macro-enabled workbook allows users to create checklist items as drop-down lists. Each drop-down element of a checklist item may be assigned a value and description.

PM Point of View #45: PMBOK 6 - The Agile Effect

by Jesse Fewell, Kendall Lott, Michael Hannan
PMI Washington, DC Chapter

This is the second in a series of roundtable discussions on PMBOK® 6. The focus here is Agile and the Agile Practice Guide, which is included as a supplemental volume in latest PMBOK® Guide. For this discussion, one of the co-authors of the guide, Jesse Fewell, joins two previous panelists, Michael Hannan, and Randall Iliff, to talk about the decision-making process that went into the guide.

Lessons Learned Archive

by Stefan de Vries

This document can be used to archive any new knowledge, know-how or experience acquired during the project. This lessons learned archive serves as a reference for future projects and (together with those of other projects) forms a key asset for the organization under which the project has been performed.

Burgeon Palms

Burgeon Palms is an indigenous company with a current focus on project management training and career development in Africa.


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